Organising the Family….

Honestly Dad,

Trying to organise Mum’s side of the family for two weeks has been harder work than organising my entire trip! We don’t seem to be getting very far very fast but I am sure they will sort themselves out eventually. They are going to have to as the cost of the flights keeps increasing.

This bit of the trip would be your idea of hell. Lot of people, organisation, trips, hours of driving and Las Vegas. I am kind of writing these two weeks off as a detour from your bucket list. But the family will all be out there, we get to watch Esme graduate and I get to go on an epic road trip down the west coast of USA with my brother, so it’s all good.

We went to the ball on the Pier the other day, you would have loved it! Kerry put on an incredible night. Safe to say your kids scrub up well when we want to. We also met up with the ‘Wetset’ for a meal at Cadbury. They were all impressed with the trip I have planned; well, impressed and slightly envious.

Right, better go, there are four Christmas trees that Mum will need help putting up and decorating. This post has not really been much about travelling, but oh well! – It’s Christmas.



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