Cancellations and Christmas

​Crazy few weeks Dad!

So my early Christmas present was a phonecall letting me know my Vietnam trip had been cancelled. Wonderful! After hours of internet hunting there are no tours that fit with the dates and the flights I have booked, so I am going it alone. Mum is not overly happy, but agrees I don’t really have much choice. I just need to promise I stay in touch. I am also massively over budget, not sure how I am going to sort that one. I’ll figure something.

The last few weeks have been manic, but we made it through Christmas without too much drama. It was weird you not being there though. We even made it through Boxing Day! Everyone was amazing in helping us prepare for it. We knew you worked you arse off Boxing Day morning, but this year gave us a new found appreciation of just how hard you worked. I also wished we had paid more attention to how you did it!

Started sorting out what to pack too. Going to be a mission to stay within the weight limit! Let’s face it though, packing was never your thing. I am sure right now you would look at all the stuff laid out in my spare room and laugh. You would no doubt make a wise crack comment like “there is no way all that stuff will fit in that case” and then of course I would have to prove you wrong!

3 Weeks today and we will be off!

Night Dad x


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