Out of this world

​Honestly dad, what a day! 

The flight over was fine – apart from the fact they tried to feed me mushrooms and we only seemed to have sound out of one ear on our headphones. Getting through passport control took forever! After over 30 mins of waiting we were not even half way down the queue. 
Fortunately a new queue opened and we were moved to the front of it. Result.

Dubai is like being on another planet, I can see why you loved it so much. 5* luxury does not even cut it, we looked a right state in out hiking boots and trackies checking in. 

Our hotel room is amazing, we are on the 18th floor and have a view over the city. The room is not far off the same size as my flat. 

We went for lunch, and one of the concierge offered to walk us to a nice restaurant. You have to love a place where a guy opens an automatic door for you, to then step aside and let you walk through, to then walk quickly to the next door to do the same.  I mean; who is not capable of opening an automatic door for themselves?!

One catch today though, the weather! It was cold and raining! The wind was just insane and they shut off all of the outdoor pool. Part of some scaffolding from a building we can see from the window blew off onto the road causing chaos too. People were watching from the windows in amazement, I guess they don’t see rain all that often. 

It did however give us time to look around the hotel. The design and architecture are just incredible. It must be someone’s sole job to go around wiping off finger prints from the chrome. Mum however has a bit of an issue with the glass lifts. They go at a fair speed, especially when you take it to the 40th floor. From there you can look down over the edge back to the lobby. I of course leant right over the side, Mum then went all funny and couldn’t look over the edge. I admit it is not for the feint hearted, but it made me laugh  (bad daughter I know) we then had to come back down to earth in the standard lift, mum couldn’t bear the glass again. 

We went to eat in the ‘Rib Room’ I can safely say it was the best steak I have ever had! The meal was exquisite. To top it off the waiters then came over to mum with what can only be described as a brick of chocolate cake with a candle in it. Even mum could not finish it. 

Well we are both exhausted! Mums birthday tomorrow so better rest up for a busy day; I just hope the weather improves! 

Night dad x


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