Souks, sails and sophistication 

What a day! 

I will have to start from the beginning. Went on the bus tour today around the old town Dubai, and to the souk markets. They were cool, but we were constantly hounded. We were asked to try on head scarfs and feel the cashmere. We were polite are first but after the 50th “you are English, lovely jubbly” we were struggling. 

We also sailed down the Creek. It was filled with these wooden boats that sail all over the world, some didn’t look like they should still be able to float, but they are filled with electronics and spices. The cargo is just piled up on the side of the road, and they just throw it all to each other. 

While touring the area, our bus got stopped by police. We assumed there must be a problem up ahead, but we were stopped for 30 minutes. While we were standing on an open top bus watching, what seemed like hundreds of cars and motor bikes were going past; all with sirens and blue lights. We quickly realised the ‘Tour Dubai’ was about to go past, and we had a prime viewing spot! We watched all these cyclists go racing past us, towards the city centre. After then what seemed like another hundred support vehicles, the roads opened again like it never happened. Somehow though we both got a Tour Dubai flag. 

After a whole day of sight seeing we ventured back to the hotel to get changed. The hotel staff had serviced our rooms and left another brick of chocolate birthday cake! 

We spent the evening at the Burj Al Arab. HOLY SH*T!! You said it was something else, but I think you down played it. Although I am not sure I would have believed you. This place is insane! 

After dinner, out of the corner of my eye I noticed the staff walking over. They started singing happy birthday. Mum did not know what do with herself. Well if the past two cakes were bricks, this was a breeze block! It was ridiculous; even for us! They boxed it up, so we are both looking forward to breakfast. 

But to top this day off, we were invited to tour the hotel. A very nice manager escorted us around the top floor of the Burj. THE TOP FLOOR. we then got shown around ‘Gold 27’ – the executive lounge. 

Seriously dad, the view was simply out of this world (so were the cocktail prices) but it was worth every penny. Mum ordered some martini that literally blew her head off. I had a rum cocktail which looked like a bomb!

In fact as it is close to midnight  I am currently writing this from the top of the Burj, admiring the view, sipping a cocktail. 



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