Fish and a Camel….

Hey Dad, 

Another crazy day. We took the bus around Dubai, passing Jemeriah Beach and the Burj Al Arab, stopping off at Atlantis in the palm. The Aquarium inside the hotel was pretty cool. 

There was also a very posh chocolate shop, mum of course could not help herself! 

We then ventured out to the Emirates Mall, mainly to see the ski slope. Who has a ski slope inside a mall?!  The Mall was huge, but we didn’t really have time to explore.

We spent the evening out in the desert, it was a hit artificial and a tourist gimmick; but we enjoyed it just the same. We even went in a Camel ride. Well – ride is a bit strong, we sat on a Camel while it got guided around in a circle.  We did get a great picture though! 

Dinner was on the 50th floor of our hotel; which was pleasant. To be honest I think we were spoiled from the night before. Although the view was fabulous, it was not a patch on the view from the Burj Al Arab. 

Got to go, mum is asleep already! 
Catch you later x


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