The Marina, the Kalifa, and MY MOTHER.

Hey Dad, 

This morning we eventually got everything mum packed back into her suitcase. Seriously, how did you ever travel with her? I lost it after seeing the travel kettle and mug! 

I asked mum if she had checked the wardrobe; she replied yes. I stupidly believed her. Turns out our coats were in there. Mum remembered as we got on the bus. Apparently this is my fault because you used to chuck her out of the room and do final checks. Three guesses how we will be leaving hotel rooms in China. 

Once we had checked out we headed for the Marina, which was crazy. There is this little Creek with all these yachts and boats on, surrounded by hundreds of skyline residential blocks. We took a boat ride through the Creek and out towards the palm. 

The boat dropped us outside the marina mall. Again, huge. They were even selling cupcakes like sushi on a small stand at extravagant prices. 

We then wandered towards the Marina beach before heading to the Burj Kalifa.

Honestly; you have never seen anything like it!  The bus took forever getting us back, and to save time we thought we would jump in a taxi. The taxi rank had a queue out the door so we decided it would be better to run, yes run, (well me run, mum more of a shuffle) to the taxi rank on the other side of the Mall.  This took nearly 10 minutes, these malls are huge! Once in the taxi we had 20 minutes to get to the Kalifa. The taxi took 15. Now the next challenge; finding the Kalifa entrance….. 

This mall is the size of a small city, with ice skating rinks and aquariums in it. The map doesnt even have details, mearly grid line dimensions to get you in roughly the right place. With no sign of a map, or customer services, we attempted to follow the signs for the Kalifa. We were out of time. Again we found ourselves running (again, me running, mum shuffling) though this shopping mall, trying to dodge anyone who wanted to squirt us with perfume. Well after a while the inevitable happened……. mum got lost. 

Still running though the Mall, I did not realise how far behind mum had gotten; and she must not have seen me make a right turn. After a few minutes of standing there I realised she was not catching me up. So I was then running, yes running (in flip flops with a camera around my neck I might add) the wrong way to find mum. I found her standing right where I had turned right a few hundred meters before. Mum looked horrified, I told her to keep up. She was not shuffling anymore. Mum later admitted to me I found her just in time, because the security guard was very concerned she had lost her daughter (they assumed small child) and were about to make tannoy announcements.

Well we eventually made it to the Kalifa entrance. After catching our breath and mums heart had stopped pounding through the thought of being lost; we joined the hour long queue. 

Once at the top of the Kalifa, the view was incredible.  Apparently we both complained to mum about the same thing; the viewing platform is not at the top, we both wanted to go right to the top. Mum just laughed at me with that look of ‘you are so like your dad’ 

The only issue I had with the Kalifa (other then it being crowded and echoey) was the Kalifa makes the skyline of Dubai. When you are in the attraction, you can not see it. The view just somehow lost something. Although you were 124 floors up, the heat haze made the outlook foggy. We stayed until it was dark and watched the city light up. We also got to watch the fountains from above. We then joined the hour long queue to come down. Don’t get me wrong, it was fascinating, but the amount of people spoilt it slightly. I just don’t like people.

Well we are currently sitting on level 51 in the Emirates Towers waiting for our transfer. Hey, if you have to wait for a 3am flight; you may as well do it with a drink in hand. 

Next stop….. Beijing! 


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