Travelling on a Bullet Train

Hey Dad, 

Not much to report today. We said goodbye to Kevin at the station and took the bullet train to Xi-an. It took 4 hours, and went at a speed of 300km. 

We met our new tour guide Ellen, and driver Kevin. Yep; another Kevin. Starting to wonder if Kevin is an easy go to English name out here… 

Driving to the hotel, all the streets were lit up. Every other tree is covered in lights and the street lamp posts have 8 lanterns dangling from them, 4 on each side. 

We are on the 11th floor, and the hotel is pretty swanky. The view from our room over looks the city too.

Best line of the day though had to be from mum. We had planned to get something to eat in the hotel tonight, and she came out with this stunner “OK, but I think the restaurant may be Chinese” really, a Chinese restaurant… in China…. shocking. 

Let go find out if we will be eating Chinese tonight shall we?! 

*slabs forehead with palm* 


Indeed the Chinese restaurant served Chinese! Got to tell you about one little gem though. The menu was in English, so ordering was not as entertaining as usual. I noticed the restaurant offered sweet potato fries in honey. As you know I am not a huge fan of rice, so this seemed like a different option. What we received however was quite unexpected. 

We are not sure what the fries were, but they were not sweet potato, for a start they were a very pale yellow, almost white. We were thinking maybe parsnip, but they seemed too soft. The honey was also not honey. The fries were in fact covered in crunchy nut cornflakes. Yep for dinner we had questionable fries and cereal! I wish I could have taken a photo, but I didn’t have a camera with me. What’s more unexpected is it was actually quite tasty. 

Terracotta Army tomorrow! 

Night dad x


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