You have reached your destination.

Well today was interesting Dad.

We started by getting picked up in a car, go get on a shuttle bus, to board a plane, to be picked up in a mini van, to get on a coach to be hoarded onto a ferry, to eventually board the cruise ship. 

Unsurprisingly this has taken all day so not much to report. Not even taken a photo.

Packing was entertaining. Mum shockingly over packed. Our luggage limit for the small internal flight was much less than our international flight. Add a few souvenirs to the mix and you have a problem. In total, we were 5kg over our limits. Mum seems to think this is my fault, but as both of my bags are under the required limits i can not see how. The solution, put all our heavy electronics into our coats so they would not get weighed. Simple. 

We turned up at the airport in two layers of heavy clothing each, plus our coats stuffed with kindles, tablets, phones and my camera around my neck. We must have looked ridiculous. But it worked! – well sort of, our main cases were under (mums just) and they didn’t even bother to weigh our hand luggage! So we ended up pulling all the electronics out of our pockets into the security containers ready for x-ray. The security team all looked very confussed. We got through security and put everything into the carry on case which was practically empty. 

The cruise ship seems nice. They are bragging it is 5*, I think their version of 5* and ours differ slightly. But still no real complaints yet. 4* at best I would say. Compared to 5* Dubai, this is no where close! 

We do however seem to be the only western people on the cruise, and we are still getting odd looks and stares. We have been told there is another single traveller who speaks English and a group of 20 Americans who will be at breakfast. As we have only really spoken to each other (and our tour guides) since we have been in China, being able to understand someone else will be a novelty.

The state room is compact to say the least, but perfectly fine. Mum needs to take a bit more care in the bathroom as she has a shower and the whole rooms is drenched, including our only toilet roll. It is ok though; I sorted it. I commandeered one from the open show suite next door to our room. Shhh.

Fortunately we pre paid for an upgraded package so we are able to access the WiFi, result. We also get happy hour every evening.

Time for a drink! 

**News flash update** – we just met Paul and Lucy. Two English people about mums age who happen to be in the room next door to us! Hooray company with a common language. 

Time for another drink!! 

Until tomorrow x


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