We are sailing…. just

Well Dad, I got a rude wake up call this morning over a tannoy speaker in our room. Made me jump out of my skin.

Our itinerary said we would set sail at 6am. Imagine our surprise when we were still in port when we woke up this morning. Very confussed we went for breakfast only to be told we were not sailing until 6pm this evening. First day on a cruise and we have gone nowhere!

Our fist day trip was to the Three Gorges Dam, which was massive! We didn’t get to go in it though, just walk around it. You would have been impressed with the locks to move the ships, they were huge and could fit multiple cargo ships in them. We got to watch one ship go through the top lock. This morning it was very overcast, so the view from the viewing platform was disappointing. I bet on a clear day it is amazing. 

Back to the boat for lunch, and then off on our next adventure, to Three Gorges Tribe.

It was pretty cool, but definitely set up for tourists. Very little of it seemed authentic, but you could not fault the Gorge, or the clear waters. You started by walking through all these market stalls selling fried whole fish and sweet potatos. At least the scenery could not be engineered. The fisherman that was strategically staged was clearly not fishing, for a start I could see to the bottom of the stream and I could not see any fish. There was also some bloke playing the flute to a girl standing on a little bridge, very odd.

We were told the little bridge was very old ‘around 1997’ – really that’s very old!? Chinese history goes back thousands of years, I think the tour guide may need to re-evaluate what is considered very old. 

The funniest part however was this little monkey. He jumped out of a tree and walked towards someone on our trip. He took a sweet potato from his hand (well sort of; the guy panicked and dropped it) then ran off back in to the tree. His little monkey friends cottoned on and came looking for more food. 

Weirdest part of the day was travelling back to the ship. As we got on the coach, there was a bucket by the drivers seat. Inside the bucket was a live fish. Yes a fish. We spent the ride back debating whether this fish would be a pet…. or dinner. No one could really decide. 

We have met some of the American tour too. It is quite nice to have some different conversation and hear different stories. Some of them live on the route I am driving through the USA and have been given me tips on where to go and what to see. 

Well good news is we are finally sailing up the Yangtze. Entertainment tonight is a Chinese history fashion show….. Pass! It is however in the same room as the WiFi, so I am sat in the corner at the back as a very bizarre show goes on around me. Mum has gone to watch it, told her to carry on! 

Well that’s all for now. 

Until tomorrow dad x


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