A day at sea

Hey Dad,

So again early start. Our first excursion was on a ferry around Shennongxi. It was pretty spectacular. It was overcast again though which was a little disappointing. We sailed through a massive Gorge reaching heights of hundreds of meters. 

Back on the ship we sailed through the Wu Gorge and through Qutang, which is the Gorge on their 10yuan note. The views while sailing though, even overcast were stunning. There are massive caves 5 miles deep. Our new American friend David has a state room with a huge balcony on the front of the ship so he invited us to join him. Safe to say he had the best view on the ship! 

As we docked for the afternoon, this small ship pulled up next to ours. They were selling oranges! They had thousands of oranges and people on the ship were waving bank notes over their balconies. The oranges were put in a fishing next on a long bamboo pole, lifted to the balcony and the money would be placed in the fishing next in place of the oranges. We found it very entertaining, so mum decided to buy some. The pole didn’t reach to the 4th floor though, so the nice Chinese man on the 3rd floor paid for us and we exchanged oranges for money in the hallway. Best oranges we have ever eaten! 

We also watched a man paint the inside of a snuff bottle, not your thing I know, but the craft and concentration behind it had to be appreciated.  

Now for cocktail hour. Well, cocktail hour starts when the cabaret finishes. Again, pass! 

By the way, today I learnt the word ‘jeans’ in Chinese is ‘cowboy pants’ and Turkey is ‘fire chicken’ 

See ya x


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