Bad weather, great company!

So today we could not see a hand in front of our face! Seriously it was so foggy/smoggy the view was non existent. 

We docked in Shibaozhai and went to the Red Pagoda. It was cool, we climbed up the pagoda which was nine steep floors. It was like climbing a ladder. We were told you become a year younger for every floor, and the stairs are the stairway to heaven. Someone in the group of course reference Led Zeppelin, which made me smile. 

We got to the top and shockingly enough we felt the exact same age. 

The afternoon was spent talking to Paul and Lucy, the group of Americans, or ‘Gate 21’ as they are known; and David, who is American but not with ‘Gate 21’. They really have made the trip and our time on the ship great. Some of them have even opened up their homes to me around the USA when I am driving though to show me the ‘real USA’ hopefully including baseball games and the Hersheys factory! We couldn’t have asked for better people to spend time with. They have also not heard of the ‘cereal box game’ 

We bought a box from a little store on shore. Our Chinese is non existent so explaining to a woman who spoke no English we wanted to purchase an empty box was an interesting one. In the end we emptied a box and pointed. She laughed and said ‘ok’. As we walked back up the street the woman was shouting what had happened to the street vendors who all laughed at us the whole way back up the hill. 

Anyway, Dessert was literally a whipped cream cake with a small amount of sponge, with whipped cream pandas on it. The cream was more like cool whip. Weird. 

We spent the evening in the bar playing the cereal box game. ‘Gate 21’ thought I was crazy until we started playing and were in Stitches watching people struggle. We got the about half an inch off the ground with two of us left in. We gave the championship to the USA, on moral grounds. Ashley was a worthy competitor, the rest were hilarious! That and the Chinese bar staff, who had also clearly never heard of the game watched in confusion, trying really hard not to laugh at us. 

Watch out America, the ‘cereal box game’ is heading your way! 

Last night on the ship, and once again we are the only ones in the bar. Another cocktail…… go on then! 

It is true what they say, it’s not just what you see, but the people you meet along the way that makes a trip memorable. 

Night dad x


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