Hey Dad, 

So the pandas were awesome. We walked around the base for hours just watching the pandas eat, sleep and play. We also walked around the museum in the base and learnt about the history of pandas and what the base is doing to improve the number of pandas in the wild. 

Off then to the airport. We get there to find our flight is delayed by an hour and a half, Joy. Well it didn’t get any better. Safe to say it was the worst flight I have had to endure! First the seats were so crammed together even my knees were on the back of the chair in front. The tray table when down rested practically on my belly. Seriously dad, I will never complain about leg room on our cheap flights ever again! Then i got stuck sitting next to a guy who filled the seat and a bit of mine (not difficult really). He also found it necessary to clear his throat and nose every few minutes by literally ‘hocking it back’. Within 20 mins on the plane I felt ill just listening to it. Then the food game, I didn’t even bother opening mine after looking at mums. Even mum only had one bite. Then came the turbulence for the last half an hour of the journey! A two hour flight which I hope will never have to be repeated. 

We then had to walk over a mile to baggage claim, the airport is insanely big. It even had warnings telling you the distance to baggage claim! 

We met our guide, which this time was very straight forward. The only issue we had was determining the gender of our guide…. well after 45 minutes in the car we are still unsure. What we do know is Yao speaks English faster then I can, and is filled with figures and statistics. The whole car ride was throwing numbers and figures about Shanghai and China at us. Things like they have 1379 bus routes services by 17o00 busses, the longitude and latitudinal coordinates of shanghai, the distance from one end to the other…. etc etc etc. They are the ones I can remember anyway.

Well we made it to our very nice, very comfortable hotel. First hotel we do not feel claustrophobic in, which is refreshing after being on the awful plane! 

Shanghai looks really cool, and we have a busy day tomorrow trying to fit it all in! 

Night dad x


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