A day in Shanghai

Talk about cramming everything in dad!

Our day started at the Jade Budda Temple. It was this little Temple nestled into the city. Hard to believe it was there with the infastructure surrounding it. 

We were then off to the Shanghai Museum. It was pretty cool, and filled with bronze, jade and furniture.

The silk factory initially I had high hopes for, we were shown where silk is from and how it is harvested. But low and behold as we turned the corner it became a tourist trap. We were basically standing in a silk supermarket and everything we had been shown was for show only. They also seemed disappointed when we were not interested in purchasing a duvet! They even showed us how they can flat pack it. We left pretty quickly, after of course being walked through the bedding and rugs and clothing and accessories. 

We were off to the ‘Yu Yuan Gardens’ but we had to walk through a market. The market was actually called ‘tourist market’ with shops built up around the gardens. They had tried to make the façade seem authentic, but let’s face it, a McDonalds sign will ruin the whole aesthetic regardless of how old you are trying to make the building look. The market was also packed! There were so many people it was hard to walk in the direction you wanted to go. Too many people for my liking.

Then there was lunch…..

We were taken into this weird restaurant, which you had to access through a dodgy lift in an even dodgier looking building. We sat down to look at the menu. Dad maybe I will let you make your mind up… Which dish would you order? Remember to read the description!

After trying to not laugh/vomit at the table, we decided to make a run for it. Our guide tried to encourage us to stay, “I’ll ask for them to take the head off first” was the response….. No thanks, I’m good! 

We legged it pretty sharpish. After being told there were no other “good restaurants” close by, we played it safe……. And went to Starbucks! Followed by a ‘blizzard’ at Dairy Queen. – really authentic cuisine hey!?

After lunch came the Shanghai World Financial Centre, where we assended to the 97th floor. It was the best bit of the day. It is hard to explain how huge Shanghai is, but there are skyscrapers for as far as the eye can see. The city just continues in every direction, with no end in sight! Parts of the floor were also transparent, so you could see back down to ground level. It didn’t really phase mum, which I was surprised about, and she was able to walk over it. 

Straight down from the tower and across the water to the Bund, where we walked along the waterfront. It was strange to walk along, with one side of the water being modern architecture, and the other side having a traditional western architecture. No Chinese architecture in sight. 

As it got dark we then took a boat ride down the Bund. The Shanghai buildings along the waters edge illuminate at night, making the buldings look even more spectacular.

Yet another day where we are exhausted, and to top it off, we need to pack again. Mum is flying home tomorrow and I am off to my next destination, Vietnam (well for two days anyway).
We were going to go out for a nice meal, but packing took forever. We also saw this was offered in the restaurant in the hotel…….


Through fear of looking through another menu, we ordered room service, raided the mini bar and ate it in our pyjamas!

Of course as ever there is a catch. The WiFi does not reach to our room, so we need to go to the lobby. This post is being sent from the lobby of our hotel, with both of us sitting here in our pyjamas and walking boots (everything else is packed). 

I think we are now geting strange looks for an entirely different reason. 

Until tomorrow dad x


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