So….. we went to Disneyland

Dad I know Disney was not on your bucketlist, or any kind of list for that matter, but I had to go. 
I couldn’t be this close to a Disneyland, a brand new one for that matter and not go. Mum took a fair amount of convincing, but actually we had nothing planned for our final day, and I think we were all ‘tour guided’ out. A day where we had some control was a welcome change. 

Oh did I mention this Shanghai Disney has a ‘Treasure Cove’ land? It is basically a whole land dedicated to pirates!! The main ride; the Pirates of the Caribbean was simply awesome! It is the best theme park ride I have ever been on. Even mum agreed, so it is not just me being biased. 
Getting to Disney was an experience in itself. Apparently the driver could not read the road signs, despite the fact the Mickley mouse head emblem was on all of them! It took him half an our to find the entrance. We had to become back seat drivers and point in what we thought was the right direction.  In the end he have up and chucked us and the tour guide at the side of the road. The tour guide was then adamant we needed to walk over this bridge, in completely the wrong direction to the hundreds of people walking to Disney. Even i know thats not right! By this time I was frazzled and decided to give up on the tour guide and follow the crowd. Mum followed me, so the tour guide followed her. We were standing at the main entrance and she was still trying to turn us around! She finally agreed we were in the right place, which was not difficult; the entrance to Disney is pretty huge and got us through the gates. 

So I acted like a child all day and ran around Disney with mum following. We met Stitch, and I got a wave and a kiss blown to me by Jack Sparrow. Shame it wasn’t the real one really. 
We got picked up and driven to the airport. We had learnt the day before we were departing from separate terminals, which would mean no proper goodbye at departures. Instead it would be a quick hug at the side of the road. It was a bit like university all over again….. 
I am now sitting in departures, but I am not completely alone, I have a new friend to keep me company. 
Not going to lie I am mildly terrified, but in a good way!
Next stop, Vietnam! 


2 thoughts on “So….. we went to Disneyland”

  1. I am really enjoying your blog!! I hope that maybe you could turn this into a wonderful when you have completed your journey! What a tribute to you Dad!! The New York group is all home now. Rick and Amy, Ann and Ashley , Allen and I were all on the same flight leaving Shanghai. Of course the flight to Beijing and connecting to New York was over and hour late so we all arrived in New York but none of our luggage did. Rick was most unhappy and Ashley was wondering if wondering around Times Square in her cat pajamas would be okay. We all had a great trip to China though but are glad to be home.

    I hope you continue with happy and interesting travels. Will be awaiting your visit to Hershey!
    Safe travels. Rosanne (from Hershey)


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