Cu Chi Tunnels, and sailing with SAGA…

Hey Dad. 

This morning the group went to the Cu Chi Tunnels. You would have loved it! There are over 200km of tunnels, but only a very small area is open to the public. 
We were shown where and how they would access the tunnels. Basically a tiny hole in the ground with a cover on it. We were asked if we would like to try it. I was the only one! I only just fit down this hole. I had to lower myself in until I felt the ground below. Then lift the cover over my head and bend my knees to drop into the tunnel. It was so cramped, and when the cover was on pitch black! There was not even a glow from the sun around the rim of the cover. I got out pretty quick. 
We were then shown around an old American tank, where we were asked if we would like to sit on the top of it. By this time the rest of the tour had decided I would be the guinea pig for all future tests. So I climbed up a tank. 

We also had the opportunity to crawl through some of the tunnels. It was crazy! The length of the tunnel was only about 10m, but it was painful. When I say crawl, the tunnel was as wide as me! And the only way to move was to crouch and sort of shuffle and waddle. I have never felt so claustrophobic, ever. It was dark, with our only source of light coming from the torch at the front. There was also no air, you could easily panic down there with no where to go but forwards.  You could not turn around. Three other people came down the tunnel with me and this time I got to go last, which I was pleased about, I could get a tiny bit of distance from the person in front. By the time we came out my back was killing and my knees were on fire! It was quite something to think people lived in these tunnels.

Anyway back into the city to check out of the hotel and check into the boat. The boat is teeny tiny. Can’t be more then 20m long. There are 28 passengers in total plus staff. The boat is a little basic but perfectly quaint. There is a sun deck with hammocks and a cocktail bar. The rooms are the size of a shoebox, but all they will be used for is sleeping. Why stay in your room when there is a cocktail bar?! The shower however, well I think it would have been quicker to stand at the bow and be sprayed my the Mekong. It was pretty pathetic.

I am really liking the fact for the 1st time since the Yangtze cruise I have been able to unpack properly. I will also be in the same place for a few nights too, which is a welcome change. 

We also met the rest of the tour. Yep I am still the baby. There is one other person my age, who has been travelling for a few months. Her parents have however flown over to see her so they are on the cruise together. All the other guests are at least 25 years my senior, some even more. They are all pretty fascinated about my story mind. I am not sure what they were expecting on this tour, but as I was not expecting them, I am assuming they were not expecting me. 

I am also the only one still up. It is only 10pm. Everyone has gone to bed. No really. Could be lots of early nights on this trip. I may even have to break my own rule of not drinking alone, especially if no one is going to stay up past 10pm to have a drink with me! 

Oh well, here’s to a week of relative comfort. 

Bed time I suppose!

Night dad x


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