Angkor Wat and Temples

4:15 wake up call Dad!

We left at 4:45 to get to Angkor Wat to watch the sunrise. It might just be one of the most incredible things I have seen! A bright orange ball rose up from behind the temple, and flooded the moat with colour. We had a prime viewing spot sitting on the wall in front of the temple. The only minor annoyance were begging children. We had already been asked to not give the children anything to stop encouraging them to beg, so we didn’t. The children however would stand in front of you and say ‘yum yum’ over again! 

With the sun up we had enough light to explore the temple. It was simply amazing! How on earth it was built a thousand years ago is baffling. The detailing in the sandstone, and the perfect symmetry and straight lines they managed during construction is nothing short of miraculous. There were also monkeys all over it. Playing spot the monkey turned into a good game. We also got to stand in the centre of the earth. If you put a compass down, it will read 0°. We also got a great group picture!

We all climbed to the top of one of the temples, purely to look at the view. The steps were more like a ladder going about three storeys straight up! Your knees would have hated you! The view was worth the climb. It overlooked the whole temple, and the surrounding temple area which is about one square mile of trees and hidden treasures.

From Angkor Wat we travelled to Ta Prohm, the temple where they filmed ‘Tomb Raider’. This tomb is literally being reclaimed by the jungle surrounding it. There are trees growing through it. It was one of the coolest places I have been to. We could see the builders working on the restoration too. A large amount of the temple was open, so we were able to really explore the stone and the structure. Honestly dad I could have stayed there for hours, but no time as we were off to our final temple of the day.

This temple was called Bayon, and it is a temple of Budda faces. Everywhere you turned, a Budda’s face would be staring right back at you, smiling. The faces were pretty big and most were still in a good condition. By the time we got to Bayon, the midday heat was breaking though and it was extremely busy. We didn’t stay too long. 

After seven hour of walking and temples we were all exhausted. Our tour was officially over, but !Any of us had booked an extra night. First stop was the pool. Again it was empty. We were the only ones there. Taking a leaf out of your book, I found a comfortable spot and had a nap! Nothing beats sleeping on a sunbed with a slight breeze in 30°c! 

When I eventually woke up the group had decided to all go into Siem Reap centre to have a look around and get something to eat for our last night together. It is such a cool place, busy but not too crazy, and you could cross the road without putting your life on the line. I wish I could stay to explore more really. 

Once back at the hotel after an entertaining tuk tuk ride, we all said our goodbyes. 

Again, this tour has been amazing and the people have really made it. Despite me being the youngest by quite a considerable amount! 

I have kind of been like the child (or grandchild) they left at home…… Particularly as their children were all about my age or older than me. They were all great fun and I really have enjoyed their company over the past few days. 

Well it is time to pack up again. Tomorrow I will be back in Vietnam! Nothing like a 10am flight to get you moving in the morning. 

Oh and by the way Dad, I spoke to Mum today. Apparently a child in Izzy’s class is moving to Africa. Izzy was quite excited he might see me over there. Mum explained to her I am not going to Africa. Her reply -“well she is not going ALL the way around the world then”. Atlas came out, mum explained, but apparently Izzy is not very impressed. Little monkey!

Night Dad x


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