Back to Vietnam

Hey Dad,

Well today I said goodbye to Cambodia. I wish I could stay longer, it is such an amazing and interesting place. I have seen and learnt so much in the last few days about the countries history and culture. I want to learn more! I have literally fallen in love with Cambodia, the people, the temples, the weather. Something is telling me I will be going back there at some point in my life.

But less of the looking back, time to move onto Vietnam!

Siem Reap Airport may just be the smallest international airport I have been to. It had 8 gates! I also walked on the tarmac to get to the plane, I can’t remember the last time I did that! 

I managed to be allocated the very back aisle seat. The plane was tiny again, which wouldn’t have been too big an issue, however I seemed to be sitting in China town. Somehow I was surrounded by a Chinese tour group, with two of the tour on the inside seats. To say the one hour flight was loud would be the understatement of the day. 

When the plane landed, the whole Chinese tour shot up, grabbed their stuff and rushed for the plane door pushing other people in the aisles to one side like dominoes! Including the two on the inside, who felt it necessary to get in front of me. What they were not expecting however, was that the back door of the plane would open. I was first off the plane! My face was a little smug. I was also the first to get on the shuttle bus and positioned myself on the single seat by the door which would have space around me. The tour ran on and jumped on seats like it was musical chairs at a kids party. I did get a fair few disgruntled looks from the tour. 

Anyway, luggage collected and a short walk from the international terminal to the domestic terminal. I get there to find my connecting flight is an hour and 15 mins delayed. Wonderful. 

The guy behind the counter kept inspecting my passport and ticket he had just printed. In his best English he asked me if I was pregnant. Now I know I have eaten a lot in Cambodia, but really?! I walked though security trying to work out what he was getting at. All became clear when I got on the plane. I had been given the emergency exit seat over the wing. I can safely say it was the most comfortable budget flight I have been on. I was the only one in my row, on both sides of the plane! And because it was an exit, I could stretch my legs right out in front of me and still not be close to the seat in front. Shame the flight was only 40 minutes really, I was perfectly comfortable. 

Well the flight getting in late meant it was dark by the time I got to Nha Trang, which sucks as my departing flight was cancelled and had to be changed to a flight a day earlier, which is tomorrow afternoon, so I won’t be spending even 24 hours here. 

Checked in to the hotel, and got told I was on the 14th floor. In true dad fashion I upgraded the room to have a view before I got here. If your hotel is over looking the beach you would be mad not to right?! Well the hotel is great! After my first experience of booking hotels in Vietnam I was a little concerned with what I would be walking in to. Shame I can’t stay the two nights I had planned really! Oh well. I have until lunchtime tomorrow to explore. 

Better get an early night, no time to spare tomorrow 

Night dad x


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