From laying on a beach….. to running through an airport

In was up at the crack of dawn as always. It’s funny even in a different time zone I wake up before 7am. 

I knew exactly what to do with my morning. In true ‘daddy daughter holiday fashion’, I got up, got dressed and went for a walk along the beach. I know the memories of us walking along the beach before anyone else was up is 20+ years old, but it is one of my favourite memories of us.

Two hours later I eventually got back to the hotel. I walked the whole way up yhe beach, round a market and back. I had not planned to go for that long, or walk that far and I even missed breakfast. Worth it though to walk the length of the beach before it got too busy or too hot.

The beach was wonderful, I had to keep reminding myself I was in Vietnam! The ocean was one to watch though. The break was huge, and very close to the shore line. The under current was strong too. Once people were past the break it was flat calm. The drop must have been at least a metre if not more. It was funny mind watching people get swept off their feet. 

Nha Trang was really nice. It has a small.sea side feel while still being busy and bustling.I also realised just how much I love being by the coast.

After a sun block top up and a breakfast bar I went back down to the beach. I disregarded the hotel policy for taking their towels to the beach. Mine was packed at the bottom of my case. Anyway I spent the morning just laying on the beach. I am sure there were temples and pagodas I should have seen, but after Angkor Wat the day before I figured they would simply not compare. That and if you were given the choice between walking around a city in mid day heat or laying on the first beach you have seen in a month, there would not be much competition. 

Back to the hotel to pack up to get back on another plane. The hotel offered a shuttle to the airport. I explained that my flight was 16:45. They said the transfer was booked for 14:30. It didn’t seem enough time as the airport was 45 minutes away. They assured me it would be fine. The transfer was 15 minutes late. I was starting to worry. 

Transfer got me there just in time, but as I went to check in they said the flight was 30 minutes delayed. Now I was worried about my connection.

I explained to the air hostess the situation. She looked concerned. Two minutes later she came to find me. She moved me from my seat to the back of the plane (where I had the whole row to myself) and explained she had let ground control know, my bag would be the first off and she would make sure I would be the first off the plane.

The plane got in at 17:30, leaving 55 minutes until my transfer was taking off. The air hostess walked me to the luggage handlers and explained the situation to him. Unfortunately he did not really speak English, and the plane was very noisy so I could not hear him anyway. He signed to get on the shuttle bus. 

My bag was first off the conveyor belt, however it took 10 minutes to get there. Now down to 45 minutes. Check in closes 40 minutes before departure. So I ran. The airport is too small to have connection links, so I had to exit the airport, re-enter and then recheck in. 

There was a  queue at check in. It took me 10 minutes to get though. Even then the woman at the counter looked at me in the queue and said ‘Da Nang’. I said yes and she pulled me to the front of the queue. She managed to check me in, and told me to go straight to the gate. So I ran, again to security. There was a queue. Gate closes 15 minutes before departure, and I had 20 minutes. I was now hitting panic stage. I got through the security queue in 3 minutes, with one person in front of me. His bar code would not scan, and then he tried to argue about it. Eventually he moved to one side. As I got to the front of the queue a women in a wheelchair gets brought up beside me, so security cleared her first. 2 minutes left. I get through security, didn’t even bother to unpack my bag, force my shoes back on and grab my stuff. 1 minute left. I ran, no more like sprinted to the gate. As I get there, there is a whole queue forming behind a gate with no details on the board. Instant panic! I turn and ask a man standing next to me if he is waiting for the same flight. He said he was. Sat next to him were two Aussies, who told me that the plane had not been called and no one seemed to know what was going on. After catching my breath, and lowering my heart rate I had time to sit down and wait, feeling very relieved . The plane was an hour late leaving in the end! 

On the other side I had already organised a transfer to Hue. Glad I had as when I got in the car the driver explained it was 100km and it would take two hours. I didn’t realise it was that far away! 

2 hours later I arrived at the hotel, which is really nice. The room is big and I have a view over the river on the back of the building. The front is buzzing with bars, restaurants and shops, it looks like quite a night hub. It seemed to be full of young western faces.

I am exhausted, between walking all morning and running this afternoon I am ready to put my feet up! 

What a crazy day!

Until tomorrow dad x


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