Exploring Hue

Hey Dad,

So this morning I woke up feeling groggy and sleepy. Maybe it was too much sun yesterday, or not really eating yesterday (figured I would have time at the airport – nope) I don’t know, but I decided to take the morning easy. As I woke up at 6am, I figured a few hours would not make much difference to my day.

After a movie, a breakfast bar and a bit more sleep I felt much better so ventured out into Hue.

I had already booked a day tour for tomorrow so I spent the day trying to avoid all of the places I would see then. I walked over the Truong Tien bridge to Ngan Gate and down to a beautiful gold and red pavilion. Over Phu Xuan bridge and back towards the hotel snaking up and down the shopping, bars and restaurants district. The street was lined with bars with hostels above. It had an amazing young vibe which is something I have not really seen yet. 

Hue is an amazing city, and it seems relatively untouched. There is no modern architecture or skyscrapers. The modern world has fit around its surroundings as opposed to just bulldozing right through them. Having said that, it seems very unkempt compared to other places I have visited. Things like gaping holes in the pavement with a half metre drop underneath. Holes large enough I could easy fall through them. 

The weather today was cooler and overcast. Itv was strangely refreshing to not have to slap on sun block or feel like I was melting walking down the road.

When I say walking down the road, I literally mean it. The gates are about one car width wide, with no pavement. They are about 20 metres long! Mopeds go any which way they please and cars ram their way through like they own the road, regardless if a car is coming the other way. The cars going past could not have been more than an inch or two away from me. I even had to lift my arm up to avoid wing mirrors. 

After a day of walking around, I decided to come back and start planning logistics to get to Da Nang in a few days. What a nightmare that turned out to be. All of the tours required a minimum of two people, and the transfer times were even stupid or crazy expensive. In fairness I was being difficult as I want to travel down the Hai Van Pass to Da Nang. Got it sorted all eventually. 

All this single travelling stuff, it gets expensive! 

Bedtime for me! Don’t want a repeat of this morning! 

Night dad x


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