Marble Mountains and the beach

Hey Dad,

Well I enjoyed a leisurely morning as I had no tour to get up for. Managed to get to 6:30 before I moved. 

Went to get breakfast which is included with the room price. That was an experience. Breakfast was basically 20 large plates laid out on a table, half with fruit and the other half with food like spring rolls and cold chips. No hot food or a toaster in sight. The fruit looked old and it had flies swarming around it. I picked up a plate, walked around the table, put down the plate and left. I didn’t even get a juice as the glasses didn’t look clean. Breakfast bar it is. Although the bars are so crumbled now I ate it in a mug with a tea spoon. 

I took a taxi over to the marble mountains. They were fascinating. First challenge was to get to the top of the mountain. I opted for the stairs instead of the lift. These stairs were almost to the height of my knees and all uneven. It was a bit of a workout. Still I made it. My knees were hurting, so yours would have no doubt been on fire. Actually no, you would have paid the extra and taken the lift. 

The mountains had a huge cave system going through them. The caves were incredible, but it kind of felt like I had gone to the Vietnam version of Wookey Hole, but with Buddha’s instead of witches. The slopes and steps were all made of marble so it was really slippery under foot. Daunting when if you fell it would be a long drop the whole way down to the bottom. No safe landing platform or hand rail in sight. 

Even more steps led me to the highest point of the mountain, which was exhausting. I was knackered by the time I climbed the stairs, and it was hot today. The view from the top was pretty cool, it over looked the whole of Da Nang.

I walked around for hours looking at the temples, statues and caves all around it. By lunchtime I was too hot, hungry, out of water and needing to give my knees a break. So I decided to go to the beach! 

The beach here is really nice, and goes on for miles. I walked along until I stumbled across a beach bar. You would have approved of the bar. Right on the beach, comfortable shade and fans and very few people around. Of course being one of only a handful of people didn’t last long when a group of about 30 Chinese tourists turned up. I just sat and watched them for a while. They all sat down after rearranging the entire outside area so they were on one long table all with shade, and then spent the next 20 minutes taking selfies. It was crazy, all of them with a stick taking photos of themselves at a bar. Eventually they put the sticks down, and started taking photos of each other! Noise level had picked up by then so it was time for me to go. 

I walked up the beach until I realised there were no tourists around and I was entering local territory.  I then turned around and walked back. There were even shells on the beach, which I sort of picked up along the way. The only thing that spoilt it was the rubbish. The waterline was covered in plastic bottles and wrappers, it was a real shame. 

When I got back to the hotel, the receptionist greeted me with an envelope with 1 million vietnamese Dong inside it. My refund from the cancelled tour. Well I checked the exchange rate. It equates to $43.89 US Dollars. So I have been short changed by just over a dollar. As I was amazed I even got a refund, and the language barrier is an issue at this hotel, I didn’t bother to complain about it. 

The sunset here tonight was really nice so I wandered down to the dragon bridge to take some photos. That bride is about the moat impressive thing in Da Nang. 

The jury is still out on this city. Walking round I just can’t help but feel it doesn’t have its own identity, like it is missing something. Don’t get me wrong, it is a nice city and I have enjoyed my time here, it’s just that the city seems kind of uninspiring, if that makes sense? You would understand me.

Well time to pack up again. Off to Hoian tomorrow. Fortunately it is only 30 minutes down the road. 

Speak to you in Hoian

Night dad x


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