Halong Bay

Hey Dad,

When I eventually got picked up this morning (they were an hour late) I then spent four hours in a mini bus to get to Halong Bay. Definitely saw some sights along the way, real local Vietnamese towns, complete with buffalo on the side of the road!

The boat was dinky, it was quite cute really. I was the only single female traveller on the boat so I didn’t have to share a room; result. There was also a guy called Jordan who was travelling alone so I had a buddy for the evening. 

As the ship set sail we were all taken into the dining room for lunch. First thing I noticed was the music. They were playing ‘My heart will go on’ which is the theme song to Titanic. It was just about the most ironic thing to happen on this whole trip. Lunch was eight courses! Crazy amount of food! Drinks were however not included, and in vietnam terms cost a fortune! Looking through the drink options, they offered a combo package, which involved a bottle of rum, coke and bar snacks. Me and Jordan decided to go half’s. Somehow this was sort of lost in translation. We ordered the combos during happy hour, which was buy two get one free. Us sharing seemed to get lost and somehow between the two of us we ended up with three bottles of rum.

After we stopped laughing at the rum, we went kayaking around Halong Bay. We rowed to some temple thing, where the water became very shallow. This meant we could lean over the side and collect shells. We were told we had about 40 minutes. Neither of us had a watch. Needless to say we were so distracted by shells we had no idea how long we had been. We booked it back to the boat, to find there were now three boats – no idea which one was ours. We took a punt and fortunately we right. Turns out they were getting a little worried we had gotten lost and were about to send out a search party, whoops. 

Time for rum.

We sailed for an hour or so to a pearl farm, where we got to see how they ‘artificially’ grow pearls in oysters, and how they change the colour. After the pearls we were back on the boat for the night.

Time for rum.

After dinner we found out the entertainment was karaoke. Fortunately there was a German girl who could sing. Shame really the playlist was from like 1992. Truly awful songs. 

Someone decided ring of fire was a good idea. Ring of fire is never a good idea. 

One bottle down.

I have a horrible feeling this is going to get messy. 

Night dad x


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