The Amazing Cave, with a hangover

Hey Dad,

So yes last night became messy. I have no idea what time I went to bed, I can’t even remember going to bed. Only waking up this morning feeling like I had been hit by a truck. Jordan was not in much better shape. We made it though two bottles of rum between us. Big mistake. 

By 7:45 we were being loaded into a small feeder boat to be taken to ‘Amazing Cave’. Dad being hungover on a boat is the worst thing ever. Being hungover on a small feeder boat is excruciating. 

The cave really was amazing, the name does live up to itself. Walking round it was a struggle mind. The cave was huge, it made Marble Mountains look like a small Hill. 

We were then back on the feeder boat to our main boat. Getting back on a boat after being on dry land when it feels like there is a sledgehammer hitting your head was tough! The rest of the morning was spent on the sun deck. It was pretty overcast so the sun was non existent, but still the view (what I could see) was spectacular. 

Halong Bay is out of this world incredible. It doesn’t even look real. I am gutted the weather was bad, as the visibility poor. What I could see was something else, but it is like when the fog sets in at home. You know there is so much more behind it, but you know it will never clear enough to see it. 

Mum will want to shoot me, but this may be a place I have to come back and revisit. Just to see what else is behind the fog. Might have to save it for another trip.

This afternoon we were back on the bus to travel the four hours back to Hanoi. I slept most of the way, which was good as I felt much better afterwards. 

Now time to pack up again. Flying to New Zealand tomorrow, so everything needs to be packed up properly. Fortunately I have now become a packing ninja! 

Next stop, New Zealand!

Night dad x


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