Flying to New Zealand

Hey Dad,

So not much really to report today as I am just seeing the insides of airports. 

I had my transfer confirmed for this morning, but they never stated what time they would pick me up. I went to reception this morning to ask them to phone and confirm only to find my transfer was there waiting. Just as well I packed up the night before!

Security was fun. I handed them my boarding pass which came up with some form of error. I was asked to stand to one side. After 5 minutes of me standing there I tried to ask what was going on. Only to be told ‘error’. Well after another few more minutes the security guard waved the boarding card again, it still said error but she let me through. Weird. Then waiting for passport control the person in front of me was a right shift looking character. He was at the desk for well over ten minutes. The officer did not look happy. Then the women in front of me did the same. They were clearly travelling together but we pretending they were not. Very strange. 

Well I get onto the flight not to find the shifty people at security are not only on my flight, but sitting right behind me. Wonderful. 

Well I am now sitting in Hong Kong airport waiting for my transfer. I have 4 hours to kill. I asked myself what you would do in this situation…. so I booked into the premium lounge. 

Well if you have to be at an airport you may as well be comfortable! 

Speak later dad x


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