About as comfortable as a flight can be

Hey Dad,

Well after two and a bit very comfortable hours in the premium lounge, eating and drinking as much as I could to avoid aeroplane food, I left to get to my gate. Hong Kong airport is massive, like just crazy big. I was worried how long it would take me just to walk to the gate. It took me twenty minutes to get to the lounge in the first place! Well my gate happened to be right underneath the lounge. I could see it. Result! When I saw them opening the gate I walked down the stairs and got on the plane. 

After a few minutes on the plane it was pretty clear something was not quite right. There was no one there. Thinking about it I walked straight through the gate without queuing, that never happens. A woman sat on the aisle seat in my row and she laughed asking me if this was it. Apparently it was! The plane was only half full. There was a whole row behind us totally empty so the woman slid into that row. On a ten and a half hour flight I had a full row to myself. Massive result! I could actually lay flat! It was just about the most comfortable flight I have taken! 

Off the plane and onto a bus which dropped me right outside my hotel. I checked in but my room was not quite ready so I had to hang around in the lobby for over an hour. 

Well it was worth the wait, the room is like a mini apartment right in the centre of Auckland. Another result! 

After catching up on some housework, washing, charging cameras and the like I ventured out around the city. By this time it was pretty late and I realised I had not eaten since breakfast was served on the plane. Since the nun incident I have struggled to eat vietnamese food, and I am sick of pizza. Being so tired I didn’t even know what I wanted to eat. Until I saw a Mexican restaurant! I ate the best loaded nachos and salad ever! They say it’s the simple things in life and all that.

Well back to the hotel to attempt to beat the jetlag. I may even treat myself to some proper chocolate! 

Full day exploring tomorrow!

Night dad x


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