A very lazy day

Hey Dad,

So I woke up this morning and felt rough. Light headed and achy and generally just naff. So I did something I never do, and stayed in bed – well sort of. I got up and ready for the day and made it as far as breakfast. Then just felt yuck, so I climbed back into bed. 

I was meeting my tour this evening, and figured there would be an activity planned, so I wanted to be feeling better for that. So I spent this morning watching a film and drinking my body weight in water. 

I know it seems like a waste of a day, but it is the first day since I left the UK I have actually stopped and just completely chilled out. I think my head and body needed to take a break. Let’s face it, I have learnt the hard way of what happens when I push myself too hard. I decided it was not worth feeling more ill in a few days time when on a coach! 

By the time I had watched a film, had an unintentional nap, re-packed and read all the tour documents it was time to go and meet the tour group anyway. 

They seem like a really great bunch. I feel like I may be one of the oldest, but I don’t think that will be an issue. Everyone seems to be in their early to mid twenties, with quite a few from the UK too! 

After the welcome meeting there were tables booked for dinner. It was great getting to sit and talk to people over dinner, I was getting kind of bored of eating alone. Dinner was in this huge food court type place, but with really nice restaurants. The room we were in was awful though, low ceilings and echoey. You could not hear a thing as people had to talk really loud. 

Then onto some weird nightclub I never would have found on my own. It was in a basement. Once again I got asked for ID, but so did everyone so I didn’t feel so bad. 

We start the tour early tomorrow morning. First stop, Waitomo!

Night Dad x


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