Driving to Wellington

Hey Dad,

So today we spent most of it on a coach. We left pretty early, and arrived at the hotel at 4pm.

We stopped a few times on the way, some just for a photo opportunity. First stop were some beautiful mountains. Next was a stop for lunch. We stopped at this weird cafe on the side of the road, which was also home to a maze and a petting zoo, complete with alpacas – weird. Next stop was a play ground. Like an actual child’s park. It was really fun, definitely designed for adults not children. We were the only ones there too which was handy. After one or two almost injuries we were back on the bus to get to Wellington. Last stop was the top of a hill with an amazing look out point. 

The hotel is in the centre of the city, which is awesome, but the room is pretty cramped. Four to a room, which is only really big enough for two. It’s pretty cozy! It’s only for two nights, so whatever it will be fine. 

Tonight we ventured out to a rooftop bar, which was really cool. It had a view over Wellington, with all this retro shabby chic decor. We spent most of the evening talking about the boat party, and looking at the horrific pictures that came from it. 

After the bar we went for dinner, you would have liked this place! First course was bread with different cheeses and dips. Followed by a meat platter of ham; chicken and salt beef with veg and salad. It was so good! They then bought us out an individual pavlova each. We were stuffed by the end of it! 

Some of the group headed into town, but the rest headed back, still exhausted from the boat the night before. After the events and lack of sleep last night I am quite happy to get my head down tonight! 

Night Dad x


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