A day in Wellington 

Hey Dad, 

Well today we had a free day with no crazy activities planned. After a leisurely breakfast and some time just chilling out we ventured out around the city.

The city just does not feel like a city, it is so strange. It feels more like you are in a large town. Wellington is a great place, with a strange hip vibe. There is also a harbour; which was ratty spectacular to walk around. The only one strange thing I have noticed however is it seems to have a huge problem for homeless people. Like literally every door way. 

After a morning of exploring the city centre, we took a cable car to the top of a hill. We met more of the group up there and went to explore. There were two trails to follow, and within two minutes we had come off the trail somehow. Whoops. But it wasn’t so bad, we found an observatory, a child’s play area and a bush walk, which kind of felt like you were trekking through the woods at home. 

Back off the cable car we carried on walking around the city, basically getting ourselves lost. Turns out we were one block away from our hotel, fail.

After a quick shower and change, the whole group are met up to go out for something to eat. A few of the group are leaving tomorrow so we had decided to have a really good night out to see them off. Wellington has a night food market so we all.ventured there. The market was cool, with so many different types of food you could not count them all. After Walking through the busy narrow market, we found some steps the whole group could fit on, no way were we going to find a table for 20+ people! We blocked the stairs which I don’t think the books stall owner was happy with. Opposite the steps was a guy with a pizza oven. It was brilliant, all of us at the same time sort of went ‘ooooh pizza!’ And that was it, 20+ pizzas coming up. They were really good, but everyone was a moron and burnt their mouths on the melted cheese, myself included. Doh. 
Well now we are all off to a bar for drinks. We were given these wrist bands which get us money off in some places. As drinking here is so expensive I think we will be heading to those bars first. 

We also have a painfully long coach ride tomorrow, so I don’t think it will be a late or a heavy one. 

Until tomorrow dad x


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