A day to the South Island

Hey Dad,

So last night turned a little crazy. Alex’s concussion took a turn for the worse. As she was due to be flying to Canada the next day, we all agreed she needed to be checked out. So off to hospital we went….. at 1am.

We were told it was busy and we could be waiting several hours. Knowing the coach was leaving at 8am to go to the South Island, I was a little concerned we would be pressed for time. We now have a big group chat running so we let everyone know what was happening.

Long story short, Alex was diagnosed with concussion (duh!) But was told she was safe to fly medically, just check with the airline.

We got back to the hotel at 6am! I needed to be up for 7am so pack and make it to the coach on time.

I got on the coach to a round of applause. Our tour manager Damo was impressed I made it. I then had to fill everyone on the coach in. As I finished telling everyone the escapades of our evening, I noticed two new people had joined our tour. At this point they looked slightly horrified. I turned to them, waved and said ‘hey, welcome to contiki’. Everyone else laughed, the new couple looked very nervous. 

It took three hours on the ferry to get to the south Island. I was tired and the rest of the tour hungover so we commandeered an entire seating area on the ferry and slept as much as we could, using each other for pillows.

Off the ferry and on the coach then……. for 8 hours! The coach ride was tough, but we drove through the most incredible scenery. This place is simply breath taking. The roads were bumpy though, so by the end of it everyone was happy to get off what felt like being on a kids roller coaster all day.

Not much to really report today I am afraid, I am so tired we got into our room and I climbed into the shower and straight into bed. 

Our hotel room is funny, we have bunk beds! But we also have a double bed, so six beds between four of us. The shower also has mood lighting, very strange.

No point in unpacking as we are leaving tomorrow morning! This is just a stop over. 

Time to catch up on much needed sleep.

Night dad x


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