A day of crazy adventures

Hey Dad,

What an awesome day! We started by going quad biking. It was such a strange mix of scenery, starting through a Creek, then onto a rock bed full of loose shale and huge boulders, onto swap land, onto what can only be described as a rainforest and then through tall grass. 

You had the option to be a passenger, or pay a little more and drive. Well there was no way I was being someone else’s passenger! We had to pass a mini driving test to make sure we were competent, which was not exactly tricky. Then we were taught the controls for the quads and some basic signals our trail leader would use before venturing out. I had so much fun, sliding the back end out and taking corners as hard as possible. We were warned that any dangerous driving would result in us coming home as a passenger, they called it ‘loosing your keys’,so I tried not to be too reckless. Anokhi on the back of my bike was not so convinced though, especially when she nearly went flying and landed right on top of me when we went down a steep slope. Huw managed to ‘loose his keys’ when he banked his bike in some mud, so fully opened the throttle to try and get out, only to send a waterfall of mud over James. He was covered! He didn’t seem to mind which was lucky, especially as we were all laughing. 

After Huw abandoned his bike we made it back to base, going as fast and as hard as we could. By the end everyone sort of forgot about the rules. 

We had to run from the quad bikes back to the hotel to change and grab some cash. We were off to hike a glacier! 

We were pre warned 40% of the trips up the glacier do not run with bad weather. As we got there they said it was ‘iffy’. They said they would check us in anyway and we would see. As we were signing our release waivers there was a huge power cut, causing all the trips to be delayed. This was worrying as the later we left it to go up the mountain, the lower the chances of the trip running. With the power restored, we were able to complete check in. 

(By the way I have lost count of the amount of release forms I have lied on, if I claimed everything they want me to admit to I would not be able to do Anything!) 

Kitted up in full gear including crampons we got the news we could go! The only way to get up to the glacier is by helicopter, so we were weighed to see where we needed to sit. Being one of the lightest, I got to go in the front with the I pilot. Score! 

Going up in a helicopter was a new experience! Dad you would have loved the view and the scenery going up, it was simply incredible. 

Once we landed on the glacier, and had been given another quick safety briefing we started to hike up. The guide had a huge pick axe with her, which she used to carve steps in as we go. She explained how the glacier moves at a rate of over one Meter a day, and day to day the route they take has to change. 

Your knees my not have loved this glacier, but you sure would have! We were walking through tunnels of ice, through deep crevices, with walls 20m high of clear solid ice surrounding us. We were going up carved out steps and down steep slopes, snaking around the glacier, heading higher and higher up it, stopping for a million photos along the way. Dad it was one of the most amazing things I have ever done. We also saw an avalanche in the distance! The size of the glacier is unreal, and the thought of the speed it moves when you walk on it is quite something too. The glacier melts at an amazing speed, creating sort of mini rivers and water falls through the ice. The water is so pure we were able to drink from it. 

We got back down the glacier by helicopter, again I got to go in the front. The view going down was just as awesome as going up!

Off the glacier, we went to find the rest of the group. We found them in a bar (shock horror) which had happy hour! We sipped cider on a bench outside on a warm day with the sun beaming down on us. I know I have said it before, but the group of people I am with are awesome! 

We then all ventured (some more staggered, they had been at the bar a while) to the spa. It was basically three big pools of different temperatures. Soaking out aching muscles from quads and hiking felt great, but we didn’t have time to stay for long, we needed to be ready for dinner. 

We met the whole group at an Indian restaurant, which was pretty pricey (as everything seems to be around here) the meals looked huge, so I ordered off the kids menu. I lucked out as it was the perfect size for me! (Smug face). No one managed to finish their meals.

Then onto the bar at the hotel. They were having a 90s night. It was naff. The DJ was terrible, and no one was really feeling it. A few in the group are drinking heavily, and I am being completely anti social writing this in the corner. I am not the only one mind, we are all being anti social together! 

What an amazing day dad! You would have loved it.

Night dad x


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