Travelling to Queenstown

Hey Dad,

Well last night turned into a late one. We turned in about 3:30am, and we were all pretty sober. We were just having fun acting like morons and messing around. We went for a walk and came across a tuk tuk, which we of course climbed all over. Then we came across a lane with a ‘no entry’ sign, so we of course entered. It was just a short Lane leading to a small electrical junction. The surrounding trees blocked out all artificial light, so we were just laying on the ground for ages looking at the stars. 

Well we had to be up at 7am to get on the coach to head to Queenstown. That was a tough one with only a few hours sleep. We had planned to sleep on the coach, but the drive and the scenery was just too beautiful to miss. Dad you would have loved this drive, granted maybe not on a coach, some high performance car would have been more up your street. Lakes, mountains, gorges, waterfalls, bridges, forests and everything in between. The driver Paddy was even awesome enough to keep stopping so we could jump off the coach and get some amazing photos. Honestly dad, everyone needs to come and see this place!

Enroute to Queenstown, we stopped at the ‘K bridge’ for some of the tour to bungy jump. Now as you know I promised mum years ago I would never ever do a bungy jump, and let’s face it I don’t promise her much, so I was true to my word. I stood on a viewing platform cheering everyone on.

It did set me back about 20 years mind. The bungy company is ‘AJ Hackett’, which didn’t mean much to me until I got in and saw the company logo. It’s the same company you did your bungy jump with when we were in Florida! I knew the logo from a t-shirt you had. Well it got even more insane when walking around the gift shop I stumbled across your exact t-shirt! I have no idea if yours is still in one piece, or if you binned it years ago, but I knew it straight off! If it wasn’t so expensive, and if I was actually alllowed to bungy jump I would have been buying it! 

The bungy looked amazing! They jumped off a bridge over water, and if you were lucky (or unlucky) enough you dunked in the water at the bottom. It looked like such a rush and the group loved it. They came back buzzing, which kind of carried on for the rest of the day! 

We arrived in Queenstown mid afternoon. Our hotel is a little out of town, but is up on a hill overlooking Queenstown. I think I may have achieved in finding a view that surpasses yours. It is beyond spectacular! Of course I am sure you would still maintain your view is better. The view is something else, especially sitting on the balcony of the hotel bar!

This evening we were heading up a hill on a gondola to have dinner. We ate at the ‘Skyline’. It was slightly pricey for our budgets, but worth it for the view at the very top. Dinner was buffet style, but surprisingly good. 

Back down the gondola we headed to a local bar. Two guys with guitars playing acoustic versions of classic songs. Perfect! My kind of evening! After the bar we all went to sit on the edge of the lake and just relax. We were pretty chilly, but whatever.

Today has again been amazing. Queenstown is just beautiful. I could live here and never get bored of looking out. This is without a doubt your kind of place! I even passed a small group of fishermen just sitting on the massive lake, I could easily picture you sitting there. It is full of crazy adrenaline filled adventures too. Watch this space over the next few days dad, it’s going to be insane! 

I am not sure I ever want to stop doing this! 

Night dad x


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