Shotover jet and swings

Hey Dad,

Well an action packed day today! 

We all started by heading to a river in a canyon to go on a ‘shotover jet’ which is like a speed boat that can sail in really shallow water. It goes at speeds of 90km/h and you basically just jump and skim the top of the waters surface. Well it was great fun. The captain flicked us into 360s and skidded us right up to rock faces. Everytime he got close we thought we were going to go flying into the rocks, or capsize. I am sure we were further away then it felt, because it felt like only inches. 

After have an hour of being sprayed by water and flipped around at crazy speeds we headed for a small town called Arrowhead. It is one of the cutest strangest towns I have been to. It had a wild west feel to it, picture those old western films you liked dad, I could have easily been standing on the set of one. I walked down the street waiting for a shootout. There was a great pie restaurant you would have approved of too. 

After Arrowhead we were dropped back off into town. Queenstown is the adventure capital of New Zealand, so the whole group split up for the afternoon as we all had different activities at different times. I spend the next few hours with Huw and Matt exploring Queenstown, eating ice cream and chilling by the lake. We didn’t have long mind…. our first activity was fast approaching. 

Now dad I know I promised mum I would never do a bungy jump, and that is a promise I will of course keep. She however never said anything about a canyon swing…… 

The canyon swing is basically what it sounds like. They harness you in, and you drop from a platform where you swing in a pendulum motion through a canyon. It is a 200m swing with a 60m free fall from the platform. The craziest bit however is the ways you can be dropped! Never one to shy away from extreme adrenaline, I took the highest rated option. I was harnessed in, suspended from the swing, flipped upside down, arms out to by sides, and back arched. I would plummet to the ground eyeballs first before the cord would swing me into the canyon. The footage is great, I had my camera strapped to my wrist, and it looks pretty sketchy! 

Oh and our package included two swings…..

I got back onto the platform buzzing! It was such a rush. The problem I had then was how to be thrown off the platform this time around, when I had already done what they claimed to be one of the hardest methods. The guys rigging the harnesses smiled at me and said ‘how about ‘sparta’. Looking puzzled I asked for a bit more information. It is based on the movie ‘300’ and all I have to do is stand on the ledge with my heels over the side so I am balancing on my toes, put my hands behind my head and say ‘this is blasphemy, this is madness’ then the harness guy would say ‘madness, this is sparta’ and in saying that line…. kick me off the ledge. Let me tell you dad, that was way WAY worse then being suspended upside down! Looking over your shoulder to a 60m drop behind you with a guy madly smiling that he gets to boot you off a ledge. You know the old saying about wishing you could throw someone off a cliff, well someone did throw me off a cliff. Again, the footage is awesome! 

That was enough adrenaline for one day. Back down from the canyon we grabbed something to eat and went to get ready for a night out. It was not going to be a late one as I had to be up bright and early for a trip to Milford Sound.

Well I have just got back to the hotel, and left Anokhi, Millie and Robyn (who by the way are three of the coolest people ever) in town. They don’t have to be up in the morning, and they seemed to be hitting the booze pretty hard. They were up for a party so I gladly left them to it. We did however make a pit stop into a place called ‘Fergburger’ which sells the most awesome burgers. It is a thing you just have to do in Queenstown. They only shut for like two hours a day and have a queue of like 4o minutes at all times. People line up down the street for these things. Not being able to face a burger so late at night I was happy taking a bite out of everyone else’s. 

Right bed time for me. Something tells me I will be woken up in the early hours to the others stumbling in.

Night dad x


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