Milford Sound

Hey Dad,

Well a bright an early start this morning!

Of course i was right about being woken up in the early hours to drunken friends coming home. However this one was a little more serious. Robyn was refused entry into a club for being too drunk. Anokhi and Millie spent hours looking for her in town, but could find her no where. They came back to the hotel but she had not made it back. 

Being fast asleep when all this happened, I had no idea if I had dreamt it other not. I had to ask Brooke if Robyn really was missing. We also have a huge group message running, and they must have posted on that, because when we went for breakfast everyone was asking if Robyn had been found. 

There were only a handful of us going to Milford Sound today, and it was so early we couldn’t go and knock on Robyn room to see if she was OK. 

The bus picked us up at 6am, to start a four hour drive to Milford Sound. Unsurprisingly everyone slept the whole way there! After three hours the driver stopped at a cafe, which woke everyone up. We all felt much better for it! The last hours drive then turned into two and a half hours as the driver was good enough to stop at scenic locations for us to take a photo. 

We arrived at Milford Sound at about midday. We then boarded a boat and sailed through Milford Sound for about two hours. The scenery was simply stunning. It kind of made up for Hayling Bay being so overcast when I was there. The water was bright blue too, absolutely beautiful. We even got to see seals, dolphins and a Kea birds while travelling.

Milford Sound is a fiord in the south West of the south Island. It is home to huge waterfalls, rainforest and crystal clear waters. Some of the water is so still it mirrors the towering rock faces above creating the most beautiful reflection.

Milford Sound was simply beautiful, but it was a crazy long drive. About 6 hours there for a two hour boat journey and a four hour drive home. There was an option to take a helicopter flight back, which would only take 45 minutes. This flight may have been in your budget dad, but it was definitely not in mine. 

Milford Sound also had no phone reception, so we had no way of knowing if Robyn was OK. We got news when we arrived home she was back and fine. Turns out she took a wrong turn out of town. Our hotel is about a 30 minute walk from town centre, and Robyn managed to walk in completely the wrong direction ending up in a housing development. Fortunately she came across a very nice backpacker who helped her make her may back to the hotel. She got home at 7am! 

Her phone managed to track her ‘lost’ movements, so we were able to see where she ended up. She went miles in the wrong direction! 

After hugging Robyn, we got ready to head into town to go to an ice bar. Basically we were partying in a freezer surrounded by ice statues. Everything was made of ice, including our glasses, which were almost impossible to hold and drink from. With it being such a long day, we were not really up for a late night, so.after the ice bar we decided to jump in a taxi home. That was until we walked past a rum bar! The group know I like rum, so we went in for one. Well our coach driver Pat joined us and got as all these very weird shots. It was some form of liquor with like a cream on top. They were called mini beers, because they looked just like a pint. They were amazing, tasted like melted vanilla ice cream. Again still not up for a late one we went back to the hotel. 

Our hotel has a restaurant and bar area with a balcony overlooking the whole of Queenstown. We decided to take a seat outside and just chill out, catch up on what we had missed all day and get to know everyone a little better. 

Next thing we knew, someone said it was 3am! So much for it not being a late one!! – at least we were sober. Well I was, some were borderline. 

With it being so late I crawled into bed and I am one again writing this the next morning. I am already sitting at breakfast waiting for the next crazy adventure to begin. 

I will tell you about that one later tonight! 

Talk to you then dad x


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