More swings, more luge, more Queenstown!

Hey Dad,

So another day of action, adrenaline and adventure today! 

This morning a small group of us walked into town to meet for our tandem swing. 

This swing was called the Nevis Swing, and is a little bigger then the canyon swing we did the other day. There was also a bungy jump there. We were told if we tandem on the swing, you go faster and higher. It was also slightly cheaper. I was going tandem with Huw. 

It took a 49 minute bus ride to get to the Nevis swing, which again was in a massive canyon. Huw had also opted to bungy, which meant I got to go and watch.  This bungy was massive! The last one was 40 or so meters, this was 130 or so! This bungy was also just on a platform over the canyon! To get out to it we were put in a small metal carriage, and rolled along a cable to meet the suspended platform. The platform had a glass floor too! The strangest bit however was when someone jumped of the platform, the platform would snake and rock! You didn’t feel very safe up there, but that kind of added to the suspense and adrenaline. Huw jumped, which was cool to watch from the glass floor. We then headed back on the sketchy cable thing to go to the swing.

The swing had a number of options on how to be attached to each other. Some more crazy then others. We opted to be side by side, to go backwards and lay completely horizontal. We kind of made the last bit up, which gave the guys working there a twinkle in their eye, I am guessing we must have been one of the first to think this up. They told us for it to work they would rig us up and have to float us out away from the platform so our legs didn’t hit as we fell. 

Unlike the other swing, where we’re where suspended from a harness at the waist, this was an actual swing. We were rigged up and told to sit on the swing. The harnesses were then attached to the swing. It was a strange feeling sitting. Although you were fully harnessed in, you kind of felt like you were just sitting on a swing. Anyway we got floated out from the platform, and leant back as far as we could kicking our legs up so we were as horizontal as we could be. The guys back on the ledge then asked if we wanted to be counted down, or a surprise release. We looked at each other and said ummm. With that he let us go! Not expecting it what so ever! Honestly the release photo is hilarious! We were so horizontal, with the release force we flipped over, feet going over our heads until we reached the bottom of the canyon where our momentum forced our feet back the right way. It was awesome! Once we had stopped swinging we were pulled back to the platform. Not one to miss an opportunity, Huw and I started playing around in the harness, flipping upside down and trying to swing on it like we were at a playground. When we got near the top, the guys were yelling at us to stop swinging! We were told to sit still or they could not drag us back in. Afterwards we learnt that the movement when we are being pulled in can cause the ropes to twist and send us off sideways. Looking at the mechanisms above us I am not sure if I believe them on that, but I am no expert so whatever. I guess when you are sitting on a swing over 100m up in the air with nothing but a rope keeping you suspended you should probably listen to the guy at the other end of the rope! 

Back on solid ground, with a free hat added to my collection we headed back into town. 

We stumbled across a shop on the first day in Queenstown called ‘cookietime’ so of course we had to explore. One ice cream cookie sandwich and a chocolate shot later, we both felt very full and very sick! Probably not the best time for ice cream for lunch as Huw had another bungy to do! 

We walked over to the bungy and took the gondola up the hill. This was a ledge bungy, smaller but over rocks and trees, not water. We met and few others at the top and we all watched them bungy off the ledge. 

The main reason I went with Huw to this bungy was because we we had a luge booked in the afternoon, and the two were next to each other.  A few other we met at the ledge bungy were doing the luge too, so we all went together. 

First rule on this luge, do not race. First rule should be do not tell people not to race, they are going to do it! Well three of us lined up, and we’re all waved off at the same time. I was first round the first corner, then Huw nearly took me out on the second corner. By the third corner I was trying to chase Huw down so much I nearly took myself out, getting the luge on its side and barely keeping control. I didn’t wipe out, but I did loose enough momentum that catching up was impossible. The others were miles behind, amazed at the speeds we took of. We all had a second luge, this time down the more advanced track. Pretty much the same thing happened, but I didn’t nearly wipe out this time. I did however get some air over the bump! 

Down the gondola, and quick dash back to the hotel to get ready for our night out! This was our last night in Queenstown, a number of our group were finishing their tour the next day, and it’s Amanda’s 21st birthday. Being American, this was kind of a big deal. The whole group met for a pizza night and then to a haunted house! 

The haunted house was hilarious! Anokhi was terrified, which made it even funnier. I was at the back of the group, with Millie in front, who was pretty jumpy. She made me cover her ears the whole way round! Every time we flinched or moved she would scream I was not holding her ears! Anokhi buried her face into Huw’s back the whole way round, which was made even more funny when we got out of the house to find her makeup all over his white shirt! Robyn took the lead of the group, catching most of the jumpy things flying towards us! I had people behind me breathing in my ears and holding my shoulders. We basically screamed and laughed the whole way round. 

Safe to say we had the most amazing night out in Queenstown! It was the perfect way to end our trip with the people we started with. I have no idea what time we got home, or what we drank, but I know no one wanted to go to bed. 

As you have probably worked out I am writing this the morning after the night before. It’s 8am now and we have to say goodbye to people at 9am. Everyone is dreading it, no one wants to leave and we don’t want them to go. It is so amazing how close we have all become, we have been running round New Zealand shouting things like.’contiki love’ and ‘contiki family’, and now we are being pulled apart. Made even more tricky by being so tired, emotions are kind of high all around. My main group are staying on, with exception of Huw. 

Dad this next bit is going to suck.

Speak to you later x


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