Hey Dad,

So this morning we said goodbye to some of our group. It sacked big time! We got on the coach to drive off, leaving them behind waving at us.

Everyone was pretty deflated for a while, especially feeling tired and hungover. I got on the coach and fell asleep. Actually really I slept pretty much all day! 

We arrived in Dunedin mid afternoon. It’s our tour guide Damo’s home town, so he was pretty excited to show us around. 

We did a quick coach tour driving though the streets, including the university student area and their digs (crazier then Loughborough by the way). The coach then stopped at Baldwin Street – the world’s steepest street. Your knees would not have approved of this street, it was pretty exhausting to walk up. Of course some of the group tried to race, and even the fittest people didn’t make it half way. I walked, and my hips were not a fan of it. We made it to the top though, some more out of breath then others mind. 

Back down to check into the hotel and off for a walking tour of Dunedin to see some street art. Probably not your thing, but some were pretty cool.

This afternoon was spent on a brewery tour, followed by taste testing. The thought of more alcohol was still turning some people’s stomachs, but you know hair of the dog and all that. It was pretty interesting to see how beer is made, and I avoided the taste testing. They did pour me a cider to test, but it did not compare to home cider! They didn’t appreciate that when I told them. They asked me how it compared to our local home cider, so I told them. Ask an honest question and all that! 

The group was all so tired we went and grabbed a bite to eat and just headed straight to bed. Everyone needed a night off! Myself included.

Early night for me dad, definitely the first one in a while!

Night dad x


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