Lake Oahu

Hey Dad,

So the clocks went back this morning, giving everyone an extra hour in bed! Never has that hour been so greatly needed!

Some of the group went off for a tour of the Cadbury factory. As we have the one in Birmingham, I decided that would be a bit pointless, so Anokhi and I went out for breakfast.

Back on the coach then to travel to Lake Oahu. We took the scenic route, stopping at …….. beach to see the huge boulders. We also had lunch, blue cod and chips. You would have loved it! 

Our next stop was in a small town famous for its steam punk. Very strange place to walk around, pretty interesting though. Even the play ground was steam punk, and the sculptures around the area were very bizarre 

We stopped a number of times along the way to take in the incredible views and sights along the road. 

The lake was beautiful. It was so remote too, we had no phone reception or WiFi. Being so cut off from the world was kind of nice. 

Once we checked in and were told the rules of the lodge (no parties, no drinking in rooms, no noise after 10pm etc) we went to explore the lake. The water was freezing! The lake fills up from glacier water, so it’s unsurprising really. The waterline was made up of pebbles, so we then spent time skimming rocks, trying to hit each others stone in mid air and making the biggest splash possible. 

The hotel had a games room with pool and darts. Once that got boring we went in search of something else. We found the hotels supply of board games! 

It was hilarious. What do 20 people in and around their mid twenties do when there is no WiFi? Play board games. We found a game called ‘skip-bo’, an uno game. I am ashamed to say it took a group of us far too long to learn the rules to this stupid game. It took us hours to play one round! 

After dinner we found novel ways of brining the smuggled in alcohol from our rooms into the games room. The hotel served sangria, which tasted awful! Filling the jug up with red wine though was easy, you just had to be clever getting the jug in and out of the room. 

And again, what do a group of people do with no WiFi and a huge supply of alcohol that needs drinking?! Play drinking games! 

Once the alcohol ran dry, Well; once it became obvious we were still drinking without ever going to the bar, we gave up on the games and headed for a midnight dip in the outdoor hottubs.

Now around this lake dad there is nothing. The only artificial light we could see was from the emergency signs inside the hotel. Looking up the stars were unbelievable. I thought they were amazing in Franz Josef,but at the lake the whole sky was alight. Everyone just laid there, staring up, in silence for a few minutes. 

Well it is now definitely time for bed! Our last night together has been amazing, but we are all dreading saying goodbye tomorrow. 

The people I have spent the last few weeks with have been amazing. I could not have asked for a better group of people so spend my trip with. I know a group tour would not have been your way of doing it, but I am so glad I did. Having people to share the journey with has made it so much better. I have adequate some really great friends, and not just the ones you talk to while you are away and forget about. People I really want to stay in touch with. I am crossing paths with so many of them on my travels too we are all ready planning meet ups. 

Dad I love New Zealand, I know you would have too. Everyone needs to explore this amazing country. 

Night Dad x


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