Back to Christchurch

Hey Dad,

So we all got up this morning in a low mood. This is out last day together! Most of us are staying in the same hotel, but some are not so we knew when we made it into christchurch we would be saying goodbye. 

Again we made a few stops along the way. First stop was to a salmon farm, where you could feed the fish. I was right in there. The food was only small pellets, yes half of the girls were making a fuss. This may sound weird, but the first thing I did was smell it. I received a chorus of ‘ewww’ the pellets smelt just like your ground bait. I have not smelt anything like it in a year. You know dad it’s funny the things you realise you miss, even the things you thought you never would. The whole place smelt like fish and bait, in fact it smelt just like you when you would walk in the front door on a Sunday. Made me smile. 

Well of course i was the one throwing in bait by the handful while a few people just watched. Others just tipped their pots in refusing to touch the bait. It was pellets for goodness sake! I told a few the story of when you used to take me as a kid to get your maggots, they were not impressed. 

Anyway we drove a few more hours down the road to a small town. There was a beautiful little bridge with a small church on it. Very picturesque. We wandered around for a while and grabbed some lunch. 

We made it to a very wet and grey christchurch. We had spent the last 2 hours on the coach dedicating songs to people, which was mainly to screw them over and remind then of the horrifying things they have done over the past 3 weeks. 

We decided we were not ready to say goodbye, so Damo arranged for us to go and have one last dinner together. Of course dinner was not enough for some of us. 

Most of the group had gone after dinner, but there were still eight of us left. Six of us had started the trip together in Auckland. Saying goodbye to them in a restaurant felt strange, so we went to play a few rounds of pool. Damp and Pat came with us, I don’t think they wanted us to go either. 

We said goodbye and sulked back to the hotel. No one was drinking as we all had early flights to catch. It is ridiculous how emotional is was saying goodbye to people you only met three weeks ago! 

Well I need to re-pack, got to get everything back in my case so I am good to fly. Not had to do this in a while. 
Next stop, Australia

Night dad x


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