Traveling to Australia

Hey Dad,

So big long day again, not really sure how travelling to the next place always seems to take all day! 

Well my flight leaving christchurch was at 6am, so I got picked up at 3am, ouch! Once at the airport I was told there was no record of me having an Australian visa! I am sure I did it before I left the UK, I did all my visas on the same day. She said it would either take a few hours to sort, or I could just apply for one now which would cost me £30. Well I was not about to miss my flight for £30 so I just got a new visa. 

I bumped into Richard and Sharlene at the airport, who were also on my flight to Brisbane. Richard had access to the airport lounge and invited me to join them. Result. The breakfast and drinks I had in the lounge made up for the £30 visa I had just shelled out for! Robyn was there too, so a nice mini contiki reunion. 

The flight was fine, no thrills but I got to have a nap and watch a film. Now all I needed to do was make my connecting flight, with over two hours it was not really a challenge. 

The flight to Cairns was only a short 2 hours. One film later and we were landing.  

Well I arrived in cairns to a torrential downpour! Nearly 30°c but chucking it down! By the time I walked the 100m to the shuttle bus I was drenched! The rain was hot too, so it just made you feel sticky.

The bus ride to port Douglas took just over an hour. By the time I checked into the hotel it was pushing 3pm local time. More like 6pm in New zealand. 15 hours travelling somehow from start to finish, which is a long day by any standards, but add that into the exhaustion of the last few weeks, I could barley stand or keep my eyes open! 

I went and got some food and crashed out. As the day had progressed I also noticed I was coughing and my throat was scratchy. Wonderful. Needless to say I fell asleep way to early! 

Hence why yet again I am writing this the next morning! The problem with galling asleep too early, walking up to early. It is 5am here! Not so great when I need to try and get onto Australian time! It is also still pouring it down. I may need to rethink going to the beach! 

Let’s hope it brightens up

Talk to you later dad x


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