It’s all so quiet

Hey Dad,

Well the weather did not brighten up! It has been awful all day, and to be honest I feel just as rough.

30 people in a confined space, we were all bound to get sick. I think the combination of alcohol, poor diet and lack of sleep helped massively mind! Talking to the others, they feel just as rough too. 

Waking up this morning to no one was a very strange feeling. I felt so alone, it was mad. I found myself looking around the room expecting to see someone walk in, or wake up. Nope, nothing. Apparently some others felt the same, they were all waking up on other sides of the world without the group too. It was so quiet. No rush to grab breakfast or scurry to read pack your case, just nothing. I love travelling alone, don’t get me wrong, but having people around you to share it with made it all so much more awesome. Just need to get back into pleasing myself I guess!

I decided on a lazy day today. The weather was so pour you could not really go out anyway, so whatever. 

The weather brightened up about lunchtime so I went for a walk around Port Douglas. The place is like a ghost town. Shops are shut, tables have all been dragged inside, and there is no one about. I know we have just come in to their off season, but this is crazy! I walked around for a few hours, found the beach and the Marina, and ventured into and tourist information to find something for me to do tomorrow that was not weather dependant. 

That was a laugh a minute! I asked for some activities, but I seem to have done everything they were suggesting! After the tenth ‘yeah I have done that’ the bloke behind the counter laughed and told me it was time to go home! Between the three weeks going crazy in New Zealand and my Australia trip two years before they were struggling to find anything. Then some bright spark suggest a trek through the Daintree Rainforest. Sold. 

The weather turned again, and I was struggling to walk without coughing so I headed back to the hotel. I was extremely lazy, put on a film and ate chocolate. I am not even ashamed of loosing the afternoon, it was great! I think I needed it too. 

Again there was a break in the rain clouds so I went to grab something to eat. Once again, it felt strange eating alone. 

Well now I am forcing myself to stay awake to get onto Australian time. Long day tomorrow so I need a good night’s sleep! Cough is better too.

Night dad x


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