Exploring the rainforest 

Hey Dad,

Well as the weather is awful, I figured I may as well do something where I would get wet regardless. So today I headed out on a tour of the Daintree Rainforest. 

We started in Mossman Gorge where we were given a guided tour and talk about the rainforest, and it’s inhabitants. Then onto Alexandra Lookout, which was a pretty cool view of the Daintree river. 

From there we were taken to Cape Tribulation. The beach was great. It is the only place in the world where the rainforest meets the reef. They are so close its crazy. I think they also said it’s the only place in the world that has two natural heritage sites for two different things right next to each other.  

Lunch was a picnic. No really, we were taken into the rainforest and sat on a big long bench under a canopy. Just as well, it was chucking it down. Rain in the rain forest, who would have guess that?! We were then handed our lunch boxes. It made a nice change from a burger and chips that for sure. 

Just up the road there was a store which sold fruit ice cream.  They grow the fruit on site and use it for the ice cream. It was one of the best ice creams I think I have ever had! 

The afternoon was spent at a waterfall. It was a seriously cool waterfall. We had been told to bring swim gear. I jumped right in. First thing I ended up doing was accidentally kicking a fish. Whoops. Swimming up to the waterfall was difficult, the current was so.sreong it was hard to fight against it. Got there eventually though. When I got back to the group I realised I was surrounded by fish. Jungle perch I believe they were called. Very pretty fish, the kind you would have liked. Turns out our guide was feeding them pellets and throwing them right at me. I could not move, I wade surrounded. Then one bit me. Well, bit my belly bar, but still it made me jump, which made the fish scatter a little. I made it back to shore to be greeted by an eel swimming between my legs and a family of turtles trying to get a look in on the fish pellets! 

To get to and from the waterfall we had to do a bit of off roading, in a jeep where we were sat on bench seats and the back door did not lock. Not the most comfortable of rides. It was funny though, there were two children with us, about 9 and 11 who thought driving through puddles was hysterical.

Last stop of the day was a river cruise to go on the search of some crocodiles. The children with us were really excited. We were told to keep a look out. Well Dad you would be amazed how a floating log can look like a crocodile. The children were going mental shouting and pointed. The logs were aptly named ‘logodiles’. Sadly we only saw one baby Croc, which was not much bigger then a bearded dragon. It was a tad disappointing, but I saw some huge logadiles! 

My the end of the river cruise I was drenched. It was 28°c today, and the rain was also hot. By the time I got back to the hotel I needed to wring my clothes out! 

It has been one very long day. But now to pack, off to Cairns in the morning! 

Night dad x


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