On to Cairns!

Hey Dad,

Well time to leave Port Douglas and head to Cairns. Port Douglas is great, but I fell in love with cairns the last time I was here, so I couldn’t wait to get back there. 

My transfer rocked, I had booked a transfer which would drop me back at the airport, and I had planned on getting a bus to the centre. The driver said dropping me direct to my hotel in cairns would be no problem. Result! 

I got to my hotel by like 10am. Check in was not until 2pm. I left my main case in their baggage room, but kept my very heavy backpack with my life in it with me. 

It was chucking it down in Cairns! Weather was awful. Within two minutes of walking round in the rain with a heavy backpack I was done. At just that moment, I saw a cinema. They just so happened to be showing ‘Beauty and the Beast’ and that exact time. I have wanted to see this film since it was released. Mainly to just watch the credits at the end to see Robs name! 

Let me tell you, proud cousin moment right there! By the time the credits were rolling there was only me and another woman left watching them. She made a comment to me about watching the credits, so I told her my cousin had a credit in it. I am not sure she believed me until I saw Robs name, shot up and snapped a picture. 

Best way to spend a rainy two hours with a heavy bag ever! By the time the film finished I was able to check in, and it had stopped raining! 

Well I lucked out with the hotel room. I booked just a basic room, and I have ended up in some large family suite. The room is huge, complete with lounge area and kitchenette. I even had two king size beds to choose from. 

I spent the afternoon walking around Cairns, avoiding the puddles. Not really sure this place is used to such monumental downpours. 

I was also sick of eating the same old food in restaurants, I just couldn’t be bothered. In true ‘dad’ fashion, I stumbled across a pie shop! It might not have been as good as the pies you used to pick up in Bristol, but it was pretty damn good! 

Well once again I am shattered (shock horror). Back and shoulders are aching too, I was slightly useless in doing my chiropractor exercises in New Zealand, I think I am paying for it now. 

Night dad x


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