To the chiropractor!

Ouch dad! 

Well I woke up this morning with my shoulder killing me. It has felt a little odd for about two weeks, but in true ‘me’ fashion, ignore it and carry on doing crazy rubbish until it can no longer be ignored. 

Well I woke up in a lot of pain, something was not right. I went to check my alignment in the mirror, and even i was impressed with how out I was! My shoulders were completely not level. They looked like the music room TV did when we tried to mount it to the wall that Christmas! My spine was twisted too. Hips were ok, which was remarkable! 

I went to reception to ask if they knew of a local chiropractor, to my amazement there was one two roads down; and they could see me in an hour! Phew. 

Well I spent the next two hours being examined, asked questions about my medical history (that’s always fun) and being poked and prodded. Once again, I got laughed at. The chiropractor was impressed with how broken I was considering my age. Wonderful. He was also amazed and slightly concerned with my lack of reflexes. He hit my knees and elbows, nothing happened. I did try and warn him! 

Well he cracked and popped bones and joints, and I felt much better, but my shoulder was still very painful. We agreed it must be a combination of heavy backpacks, and airplane seats. 

Anyway I got back after lunch and spent the rest of the day walking around Cairns again. I also booked a reef cruise for tomorrow. The weather held out too which was a bonus! 

Now to attempt to sleep. I can’t workout what in my shoulder hurts, bone, joint or ligament, but I know it’s driving me mad! Fingers have all gone numb now too. 

Night dad x


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