A day on the Reef

Hey Dad,

Well I spent all day on Green Island today.

For the most part it was great. Only issue was the boat ride over in the morning.  Conditions were terrible. It felt like you are on a roller coaster. People were ill, and everyone’s stomachs were flipping. It took about an hour for me to feel hunan again after. 
My shoulder kept me up last night, hurts like anything this morning, add that to motion sickness and I was in no mood for anything this morning. First stop was a sunbed and a relax. Most expensive sunbed ever too! $25 for the day (£15). It had to be done though, again I was in no mood to lay on sand all day. A nap in the sun was just what I needed, until i got woken up by the rain of course. Nothing a little adjustment of the sun bed location could not fix mind. 

It’s amazing what other people do when you actually look at them. For example, people were getting out of the water and would sit on a sun bed. Then it would rain one minute later and they would run for cover. You have just got out of the ocean, you are soaking wet. The tiny bit of rain will not make you any wetter! 

I employed an old dad technique, laid in the sun when it was out, and went snorkeling when it rained. Worked a treat as everyone else on the beach seemed to be doing it the other way around! 

I even got to swim with a giant sea turtle! It was awesome. The water was so shallow I was able to dive down to him and get really close up. When he swam off I followed. Sadly I did not find Nemo this time around though.

The reef this time was not as wonderful as two years ago. It is dying. People are destroying it. I don’t know how difficult it is, but don’t stand on the coral and don’t touch! It’s not rocket science and yet so many people were doing it! It really made me angry. 

Well after a day of sun and snorkeling I am gross. My hair had become one giant sand filled dreadlock! Time for a deep cleanse! 

Night dad x


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