A relaxing day in Cairns

Hey Dad,

Well later on this evening I catch a plane to Melbourne.

I need to be checked out by 10am though, so I had another day of carrying around my heavy backpack. My shoulder was still really painful this morning too. 

Well I checked out, left my main case and went for a walk around the esplanade one last time. The weather was great. Hot, blue sky’s and not a chance of any rain. Typical the one really good day of weather is the day I am leaving. 

After two hours of wondering around, and buying two power ranger onesies for the girls I decided I was done with lugging around the case. I like to think I did what you would have done in this situation. I went back to the hotel, I found a sun lounger, I grabbed my kindle and I chilled out all afternoon. 

Swim gear was all packed in my case, but I could at least paddle in the shallow end. I also realised I had not read anything since I got off the plane in Auckland! 

I had a very comfortable few hours. Especially as I was the only one there for the majority of it. As I was about to leave two children jumped in the pool. Time to go! 

Well Dad Cairns airport is one you would have approved of. I had checked in, and got through airport security in under ten minutes! It was so quiet there were no queues anywhere. I even got ‘randomly selected’ to have a drug swab of my back pack. Hard to see how it can be random when I am the only one passing though, but whatever, I now had two hours to kill. 

Make that two and a half, flights delayed. 

The flight is only three and and half hours. Got a bit of a result too as somehow I ended up with a whole row of seats again. The plane was pretty full, with only the odd free seat so I am not sure how I managed it. People walking by looked pretty envious. 

Well that’s it for now. I am currently sitting on an aeroplane waiting to take off 

Speak to you in Melbourne

Night dad x


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