Something is wrong.

Hey Dad,

So I woke up this morning barely being able to breathe. My shoulder is killing me. The chiropractor said I may need a follow up in Melbourne, and maybe a deep tissue massage. After a quick Google hunt I found an osteopath one block away from the hotel. Great. 

I walked (very slowly) over and they said they could see me in an hours time. Even better! 

Well it turns out I am more broken then I thought. 

Turns out I have damaged the ligaments holding my ribs to my spine. That’s what’s causing my shoulder to hurt, it’s not my shoulder at all. It’s also why it hurts to breathe, everytime I breathe it stretches the ligaments. He basically described it as I have been walking round with the same pain as cracked ribs for the last few days. That explains a lot.
The osteo manipulated me and got some of the knots and the spasms out, which hurt like hell! He pre warned me I would be sore for a few days, and to take it easy. 

Well by the time I had got through all that it was gone lunchtime. I spent the afternoon slowly wandering the streets of Melbourne. I walked along the Yarra River and past an old sailing ship. I then walked towards the Eureka Tower. Now I know this trip has been ‘big tower, must go up it’ but as I went up the Eureka Tower two years ago I decided I could skip it this time. 

After ambling around for a while I came across federation square, where there is a comedy festival on. I could see there was some performance being set up so I grabbed a drink and sat on a wall to watch the show. 

Well dad; this show was ridiculous. Not to the same level as Chew Magna (nothing will ever beat that) but down right bizarre. It was some husband and wife team, who were sort of performing kids magic with some weird enuendos built in. Things like her sitting on his shoulders and spinning round 180° so she covered his face. Weird. It got even weirder when he started performing with a rubber horses head on his hand and was pretending to make it sing with a microphone on the other hand. This got more weird when the wife pit a rubber horses head on her own head and was wearing it like a hat while wearing a parachute. Oh and did I mention half way through their set the guy ripped off all his clothes and was running around with nothing but a nude thong on with a curly wig pushed down the front of it. Bearing in mind this was like 3pm. I didn’t sit to watch the end. 

After a stroll through the botanical gardens I was exhausted and my back was getting stiff so I made my way back to the hotel. It took me forever to walk back, didn’t realise how far in the other direction I had walked. That and now in more pain I was even slower! 

Well back at the hotel now, and time for a very early night. The only way I can currently lay down and still breathe is on my front, but it hurts to rotate my neck so my only option is to be suffocated by the mattress. 

Something tells me this could be a very long night. 

Night dad x


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