A day out with Robyn

Hey Dad,

So sleep was a struggle last night. A lazy morning was in order. I chilled out in bed and finished my book. 

I had arranged to meet up with Robyn today. It’s only been a week since I saw her, but New Zealand and my contiki bunch seems like a lifetime ago. 

Our first stop was a graffiti street. It was pretty cool. There was so much paint on the brickwork you could no longer tell there was bricks behind it. In some places the paint was coming away from the wall like wallpaper! 

We also found a ‘pay it forward cafe’ which was not for profit. They were making hot chocolate using easter eggs. OK then!

We then walked down the tarragon river and along the harbour. Robyn took me to the DFO, which is a big shopping complex with a huge ferris wheel. It looked huge compared to the one at home. 

After an afternoon of ambling around, catching up and shopping, we decided a cider was in order. Would be a contiki catch up without a drink! Robyn took us to a bar under one of the bridges. Basically a bar floating on the water. Just about the most expensive beer I have bought at $9 for a small bottle. I have a while new appreciation for Somerset cider prices! 

Robyn also recommended a Chinese restaurant in China town. She said it was the best Chinese in Melbourne. I am inclined to agree with her, it was really good. It was however a BYO restaurant. The restaurant only had an alcohol licence if you bought your own to the restaurant, so we stopped at the off licence next door before we went in. Weird. 

Having finished dinner, and with two ciders left each we headed back down to the water front to finish them off. We spent the evening going through photos and laughing at all the hilarious things that happened in New Zealand. I also learnt laughing hurt my ribs, which Robyn found very funny. 

We also decided we wanted ice cream, so we headed to Ben and Jerry’s! We both had a huge sundae each, which was way too big. We could only finish half of it. For me to say I can’t finish an ice cream,you can only imagine the size of these things! 

Well I have just goodbye to Robyn and I am back at the hotel. I miss her already. Traveling alone is great, but there is nothing quite like a friendly face to make the day more fun. 

Back to the osteopath tomorrow morning too.

Time to try and get some sleep

Night dad x


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