More pain and Neighbours

Hey Dad,

So this morning started with my Osteopath follow up. I am seriously broken.

My ribs and spine are still bad, he said they will be for some time. Breathing is better though. The osteopath did some deep tissue work which was unbelievably painful. I have internal bruising all across my shoulder blades now too.  The muscle across my shoulder blades is in spasm, so he forced that out and then did acupuncture to release some of the tension. My neck muscles are also in spasm causing me to slouch slightly, rounding my shoulders. This is apparently very bad and I need to fix it. Wonderful. He has given me a list of exercises I need to do while away too. 

By the time I came out of the osteopath it was lunchtime, and I didn’t have much of a plan for the he afternoon, nor did I feel much like walking. So I did the most ‘touristy’ thing you can do in Melbourne. I went on a neighbours set tour. 

Now I know you were more of a hone and away fan (don’t lie and say it was on for mum, she was never in the room) but neighbours was the only one on offer. We got to see the set, which is all lies! It was so funny walking around realising just how much camera trickery is involved. We also got to meet a past cast member (no real clue who he was) but he looked remarkably well considering he did of a brain aneurysm years ago! We were then taken to the road where they film the exterior shots. It’s a real street with everyday people living in the houses. A camera has never been inside the homes, they just film the exteriors once a week and get the residents to move their cars and stay in their homes. 

Back into Melbourne I wondered around a little bit and explored some of the walk ways lining the yarra river. 

Well time to pack up again, off to Geelong in the morning. I had planned on using public transport, but the thought of lugging my case and backpack with my ribs as they are does not seem appealing. So I hired a car! Hindsight as it is Easter weekend it’s probably the best option anyway. 

Night dad x


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