To Geelong

Hey Dad,

Well I got up and packed, and then walked very slowly to grab the shuttle bus which would take me to the airport to pick up the car. 

A white Toyota Corolla. Yep ok I can  cope with that. Automatic mind, surprisingly I took to that very quickly. Driving in Australia is pretty straight forward, just follow the signs and watch your speed! 

I got to Geelong and checked in. Budget motel on the side of the road. It was actually surprisingly comfortable.

the main reason for coming this way was the surfing tournament and the great ocean road. With the tournament, and it being easter weekend, every hotel, motel and hostel was fully booked. Glad I booked this before I left home or I would have struggled.

Anyway I dumped my case and went for a drive around. I headed to Torquay, a few miles up from the surf tournament. I heard on the radio the surfing and been weathered off in the morning. Torquay is home to all the surfing brands I love that you would have no idea about. Ripcurl; Quiksilver, Roxy, they all started here; and as such they have their offices and flag ship stores here. It would be rude to not go in and have a look around. Just as well I have no space in my bag really.  

I then headed into Torquay town and parked up on the beach front. There was a coastal path so I walked the length of it, ending up on the very aptly named ‘fishermen’s beach’. You would like Torquay Dad, a heck of a lot more then the UK version that’s for sure! 

By the time I walked back to the car it was getting late so I headed back to the car and drive back to the motel, grabbing food along the way. 

Well once again I am very tired. Tomorrow weather permitting I am hoping to catch some surfing! 

Fingers crossed for good surfing weather! 

Night dad x


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