Hey Dad,

Well the weather is good and the surfing is on! 

The surfing is at Bells Beach, just a bit further south of Torquay. I grabbed some food in a supermarket on the way down and headed towards the beach. Well the drive is about half an hour. I was 1km away when I hit traffic. All the traffic was heading for the surfing, and this was the car park queue. It took an hour to clear the traffic! But it didn’t really matter. 

Anyway the surfing was amazing, I sat on the beach and watched professional surfers do what they do best. I need to learn to surf dad! The weather was a bit overcast, so not the warmest but whatever, the surfers didn’t seem to care. The view from the beach was not the greatest as there was a cover blocking part of it. The best place to catch all the action was at the main stage on huge screens. Hundreds of people were sitting on the tarmac watching huge projectors or what was happening a few meters away from them. It seems mad watching things happening next to you on a screen, but you did get to see a lot more detail the watching the coloured dots on the waves. 

I of course went home via the official merchandise store. My Bells Beach Rip Curl hoodie is two years old now. I chucked it on this morning and didn’t really think about it. I kept getting nods of approval as if to say your a true surfing fan. I just smiled back. Got a few freebies because of it mind. That and one new hoodie which was definitely not free! 

I had driven past a sign on the way down which said ‘chocolatery’. I figured it was worth a look. 

This chocolate place was amazing! As you walked in there were massive bowls of chocolate chips, free to try! The chocolate was great. Mum would have been in heaven in this place.  There were big glass windows where you could see the chocolate being prepared. 

They also made ice cream. It didn’t take long to sell me on the idea of homemade chocolate ice cream.  I ordered one scoop, and I am glad I did, it was massive! Like crazy big scoop a bit bigger then the size of a baseball. It was really good! 

Well I have just got back, covered in sand and sticky from melted ice cream down my hands. Izzy would be proud – I am pretty grubby. Shower and an early night for me, I have a long drive to attempt tomorrow. 

The Great Ocean Road

Night dad x


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