Great Ocean Road

Hey Dad,

Well today is Easter Sunday, and I am waking up to no easter eggs! Kind of glad I bought a broken chocolate bunny yesterday, at least I can have a treat tonight! 

Today I drove the Great Ocean Road. In true road trip from I set off without really much of a plan, only follow the road for as long as I could until I would need to turn back. 

First stop along the road was Urquhart Beach, a really pretty beach which at 9am was deserted with the exception of a few surfers. I walked along the beach for a while, the sand was freezing! 

Second stop was Aireys Inlet. This is home to the lighthouse in ’round the twist’. The light house was immaculate, and it overlooked the most beautiful coast line. I walked around the lighthouse and around all the view points surrounding. By then the sun had come out and the sky was blue.  Yes!

Next stop was the Memorial Arch. Now in my head I have something like a mini St. Louis arch, but no; this was wooden and stretched over a road. Not really what I was expecting, but very pretty. 

A few miles down the road I stopped in a town called Lorne. My favourite place on this road so far. It’s like a small town with shops lining the coast road. The beach was fabulous.  I swear dad if you had seen this place 20+ years ago you would have wanted to move here! Sitting on the beach I could see a pier around the bay. It only looked a short walk away. Oh how wrong I was. 20 minutes later I finally reached the pier. Turns out the pier is huge which is why it looked closer then it actually was. The pier was a big jetty stretching out into the water. Lining the whole pier were fisherman. Fishing, in the sun, on a Sunday, kind of had you written all over it. I watched people fish for a while, no one seemed to have any large catches. 

On then to the Kennett River. I drove up this trail (don’t tell the car hire compamy) through what felt like a forest. I spotted two wold koalas just chilling out in the trees. One was even awake. Considering they sleep for like 18 hours a day I was quite amazed. I saw a number of koalas when I was in Australia two years ago, but seeing them in the wild was great. 

Apollo Bay was the next stop along the road. It felt similar to Lorne, but with more of a young surfer vibe. The beach lawns were sprawled with people and families enjoying the sun. The beach was lovely too. Not huge, but with bright blue water. There was also a harbour with a handful of small fishing boats. I didn’t stop for long however, I had a lot more miles to cover. 

The next quick stop was Cape Otway; and the lighthouse. Two lighthouses in one day! This was more spectacular then the ’round the twist’ lighthouse, and in a much more picturesque location. It was beautiful. You could even climb to the top of this lighthouse. The steps were really steep and narrow under your foot. Not really for the feint hearted. The view from the top overlooked the whole bay. You could have spent all day at the lighthouse, with its surrounding buildings and history, but I was loosing daylight and still had one more stop to make. 

Port Campbell is home to the twelve apostles. It was also at lest an hour and a half’s drive from Cape Otway. With so many hours driving under my belt already I knew it was going to be a stretch. I knew I had already past the point of no return, and to get home I would need to drive that way anyway. 

The twelve apostles were a mixed bag. There were incredible, but the place was packed! I arrived shortly before sunset, and clearly so did half of Australia! You could not move. Within 15 minutes I was so frustrated with people trying to take the perfect selfies (how hard is it?!) and being rammed with pushchairs I was done. You would have hated it. Your tolerance for people is less then mine! I am sure on any other day it would have been wonderful, but tired and cramped I was not in the mood to hang around. Besides, I had to drive well over two more hours to get back to the motel! 

One hour in I stopped for something to eat. The restaurant (if you can call it that) had WiFi. I knew mum had the girls overnight; so I had planned to Skype them when I got back. Mum sent me a message saying she had to drop them back two hours early. The only way I could Skype them was from the restaurant car park! Definitely the most novel way to say hello to two very happy children who had been allowed to eat chocolate for breakfast. 

Well if you can’t eat chocolate for breakfast on Easter Sunday at Nanny’s house when can you!
I told the girls to guard my mini eggs, after all ‘Nanny’s not trusted!’

This has been one of the longest days ever, but one of the best. You would have loved the drive today Dad, and the whole coast line! I am so glad I hired a car too, I saw so much more then I would have on a coach. It’s definitely the way you would have travelled that’s for sure! 

Moving on again tomorrow, heading to Sydney.

Now I know seeing my best friend would not have been on your bucketlist list, so I am kind of going ‘off piste’ for the next ten days. It will be the longest I have stayed in one place since I left home. I can’t wait for a comfy sofa and some home cooked food (even if it is vegan) with one of my favourite people in the world. 

Time to pack!

Night Dad x


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