Heading to Sydney

Hey Dad,

So today I am heading to Sydney. My flight wasn’t until late this afternoon so I had this morning to find something fun to do.

After packing again and checking out, I decided to drive back to Torquay for one last look around. I then ended up back at the chocolate place. All the Easter chocolate was now half price, figured it would be rude not to indulge! 

I knew I needed to be at the airport for just after three, and it was a one hour drive. Now it’s Easter Monday, so I assumed the traffic would be awful. Let’s face it, no one gets on the M5 northbound unless their life depends on it bank holiday weekend. I decided to leave at 1pm, giving me two hours to drive one hour. Well I am glad I did. Traffic was awful! It took me just over 2 hours to get back to the airport, then there was a queue for the petrol station, and no car wash in site. I filled up the car but had to ditch the idea of cleaning it, and it was filthy as I had simply run out of time! 

I dumped the hire car and pelted it through the airport to check in, by then my flight was going to leave in just over an hour. Plenty of time for a small domestic flights here, but too close for my comfort level. 

Well I am now sitting at the gate waiting to board my flight. I am also indulging in the chocolate I bought earlier. I am going to be living with two vegans for the next week, so I figured I better get some good chocolate in now. 

I can almost see your face scrunching up at the thought of vegan food! Time will tell I guess! 

Next stop Sydney, and Esther! 

Night dad x


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